Lauder for Men - vintages

Nov 14, 2022
Hi All - longtime reader, but first post for me.

I understand there were three versions of Lauder for Men. Gold cap original, dark green cap reformulation which still smelled wonderful, and current version (which I've never tried but which by most accounts is inferior).

Does anyone know how to tell the current version from the box? I've seen boxes which list oakmoss extract in the ingredients list, and other boxes which don't list the ingredients at all. Is the box without the ingredients list the current version?

Hoping one of you experts can shed some light!


Basenotes Member
Aug 11, 2020
I'm almost certain that a box with no ingredients listed would be either the original or second formulation, more likely the original formulation. Modern boxes have to have a long ingredients list, not just alcohol, parfum, water.


Super Member
Oct 5, 2022
Is the box without the ingredients list the current version?
As @TheJunkman rightly pointed out, it's much more likely that the box without the ingredients is the earliest version.

In France/the EU regulations were that a short list of ingredients was used from 1998 - 2004, from 2004 onwards a long list of ingredients including allergens was listed. Prior to 1998 there was no requirement for ingredients to be listed. However, Lauder being an American company, who knows. If the fragrances were made in France/EU those regulations would apply. In the US, I have no idea.

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