Latest Etat Libre D'Orange - The Ghost In The Shell!


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Feb 27, 2010
Looks too feminine. Bottle is cool, but it doesn't match the name. I don't think anything could dethrone Fat Electrician from their house. Tried most of their frags, and they're pretty bad, with the exception of a few hits, and maybe 2 or 3 that are bottle worthy,


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May 19, 2021
As a fan of both the Ghost in the Shell series and ELDO, I'm very excited for this release. Jugding by the notes posted by ELDO, I guess the fragrance will focus on the note of lily of the valley (the captive Mugane of MANE). I hope there is still some interesting facets in the actual fragrance and it is not just another muguet/lily of the valley fragrance.


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May 19, 2021
ELDO highlights the use of the captive Mugane from MANE in their official notes listing so I really do hope the Lily of the Valley is prominent in this fragrance. I have a preconceived notion that muguet fragrances are often fleeting and ethereal (Muguet Guerlain, Muguet Fleuri Oriza L. Legrand, Cavatina Parfums Dusita, Diorissimo Dior) so if ELDO can manage to create a muguet fragrance that is punchy and agressive I would not be mad.

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 4.16.54 PM.jpg


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Jan 27, 2015
Does anyone know what "Orcanox" is? Giving the whale-ish name, I'm guessing some kind of synthetic ambergris?

Whenever I see a synthetic name like this I’m always tempted to find some and test it as a “molecule fragrance”. Wonder if I can get it.


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Jun 28, 2009
Whoa. Interesting name for sure. Could have been something I’d expect from Oliver & Co (Avantgarden). But the notes…? I’m already put off by ‘milky skin accord’. :lipsrsealed:


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Jul 12, 2020
Looks like the design of the logo and the name may draw some influence from the anime of the same not know and maybe pulling straws here but just a thought.

edit: It is based of the 1995 Movie/Anime created by Shirow Masamune Ghost in the shell.

from the official website

"This is the act of birth that makes the spirit of perfume. The rest is poetry to live on the skin. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin died in 1955, but his spirit continues to travel. This fragrance extends it through an alliance with the Japanese artist Shirow Masamune to transcend the spirit of Earth."


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May 10, 2006
Has anyone here smelled it? I got a sample and all I got from it was Lilly of the Valley, some hints of other stuff but mainly Lilly. I'm dissapointed to be honest, I wanted to love it and I have worn it several times and its just ok. It's wearable, clean ..yeah ok. But I wanted to swoon!


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Nov 19, 2015
I actually do enjoy this which is strange because I'm into much heavier Oud and Patchouli type fragrances. I spray it on my chest so it gets on my clothing and it lasts from morning until bedtime that way.

It's not a game changer or anything groundbreaking but it's worth having for me.

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