late summer '10 short cuts


Delrae Coup de Foudre - It's really nice (though ending is lackluster) but for the money they're asking I'd rather buy a Rosine.
Chanel Bois des Iles - Dry sandalwood, doesn't last on me. Not bad but not ~revelatory~ or anything.
TDC Bois d'Iris - Holy christ baby powder.
Guerlain Vetiver pour Elle - Starts off lovely with florals smoothing out that bitter vetiver edge, but then the bitterness takes over anyway, so really there's no need to own this and regular Vetiver.
Guerlain AA Foliflora - A bit too 'generic white floral' but has a short-lived punch of green that's very nice.

Second thoughts on:

Pulp - When it's hot, there's nothing like fruit-bomb over woods, apparently. I love this frag, it's a lot of fun.
Black Angel - A bit cologne-y initially but ultimately pleasant, brisk, and wearable.
Peau de Peche - My staple of the summer. I appreciate the sandalwood finish much more than the peach-y opening.

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