Lapidus pour Homme - how can I spot the vintage bottle


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Jun 16, 2018
How can I tell which Lapidus pour Homme bottle (not Ted Lapidus pour Homme) is vintage?
Thank you!



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Jan 1, 2021

I've owned recent one, and I own vintage one. Both bottles are very similar, form what I know and remind of, but I can recall the under of the bottle is different; something engraved, from what I can recall. I'll check my vintage and post a picture ASAP. Also, long list of ingredients VS short list; here is what my box shows (it's a Eau de Toilette, Soap and After-shave combo)


I hope I'm right, and I also hope it helps !


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Dec 21, 2020
The "deep" vintage has 85% VOL. printed on the front of the bottle (bottom right, next to the volume). Additionally, 85% VOL. may or may not be written on the front of the box. So the only sure way to know is to look at the bottle.

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