Lancome Pre-Holiday Sale. Up to 35% off.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jun 28, 2016
Here's Lancome Link
Does not apply to Beauty Box or Holiday Gift Sets.
I used to be able to buy Gift Sets after the holiday.
Umm, those days seem to have gone by.
Rakuten 3% Cash Back. I use Rakuten
Here's their link
The closer you get to Black Friday, the better the cash back.
Lancome does use AfterPay. I use AfterPay.
Here's their link
If there is a problem with mentioning either Rakuten or Afterpay,
please let me know.I will omit. I receive nothing by mentioning them.
I thought it might help some people.


Basenotes Institution
Oct 25, 2007
Thanks for this.

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