Lalique addiction - Ombre Noire, Hommage a l'Homme, Hommage a l'Homme Voyageur

Sep 20, 2018
Good evening everyone,

Just need some advice as I cannot decide between these three. Lalique has been growing on me lately and I see myself wearing more of their creations. I would like to know some more experienced fragheads' opinion regarding which one would be a wiser choice, as I have access to all of them. Eventually, if I decide I like them that much I will buy all 3 of them however I'm thinking I've been ordering quite a bit lately and I might slow down with buying perfume for a while. I also would like to buy with purpose. To give you all a very brief idea, I have found myself reaching out to my Encre Noire bottle quite a lot lately and very rarely to Pure Malt. In my collection I also have Guerlain L'homme Ideal EDP(which I'm not so fond of anymore), Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille(very rarely I reach out to it), Dior Homme Intense(lovely perfume however haven't tried it in a while). It seems like my taste perfume-wise has shifted from somewhat sweet, more popular fragrances to more mature fragrances. I think over the years I have changed a bit as well so I'm not as confortable to wear some of my sweet or gourmand perfumes as I used to be once. Hence I seem to reach out to more mature fragrances lately, I seem to appreciate these more. I have also just ordered Lalique Encre Noire L'Extreme, Guerlain Habit Rouge, Guerlain Heritage. Given that there might be similarities between the Lalique perfumes and those I'd just ordered, I would like to know your thoughts on this - is it really worth it to get all 3 Lalique perfumes mentioned?

Note: Although I have used various perfumes over the years, I do not have a thorough knowledge of perfumes, notes, categories etc. so apologies if any mistakes were made.

P.S.: Not very used to basenotes platform, hope I did not break any rules and my post is on the right thread/topic.

Brooks Otterlake

Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Feb 12, 2019
All three of these are very different from each other and from other fragrances in the Lalique lineup.

The original Hommage is my pick.

Ombre Noire and Voyageur both do things that other fragrances do better, but Hommage is still fairly unique.

Andy the frenchy

Basenotes Dependent
Sep 16, 2018
All three of these are very different from each other and from other fragrances in the Lalique lineup.

Ombre Noire of the three.

That would be my recommendation too, since it's a great spicy/boozy/tobacco, but I wouldn't spend more than $60/70 on that one.

I love the all, but in that order:
1. ON
2. Hal'H
3. Hal'HV

That said, the other two do also great jobs in their categories, Hommage a' L'Homme Voyageur in the patchouli/vetiver category, and Hommage a' L'Homme in the woody floral category. (even if the latter underperforms a bit)
Sep 20, 2018
Thank you all, great insight here! Decided to go with Hommage and Hommage Voyageur for the moment, will probably get the Ombre Noire as well eventually. I guess it's true what they say about being a basenoter - you'll eventually get all of them anyway!


Physician, heal thyself
Basenotes Plus
Apr 1, 2019
Lalique is a weird and artistic brand, in my view, one of the few that truly deserve the moniker. It's very much a case of personal preference dictating whether they're right for you. No-one can really aid you in this endeavour. Sample the fragrances if you can, which means wearing them 5-10 times. You'll get an idea about which you like the most from that process.

Lalique has watered down there scents over the years but Encre Noire L'Extreme is still pretty nice just dont last long
Yes, Encre Noire is unrecognisable to what it used to be.


Basenotes Dependent
Aug 5, 2016
Homage a L'homme is the one Lalique that still gives me thrills and offers new goodies most times I wear it ( Prolly 4 yrs if ownership now )

Recently I feel I get a bit of a APH vibe lurking under it all. Verrrry nice!

Perhaps it's time for me to sniff at their more 'luxury' offerings offerings.

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