La Curie Geist


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Aug 2, 2018
Does anyone wear this? I've just tried a sample that I received with another order, and it has a nice, woodsy, mossy scent, although the eucalyptus (sorry, but this doesn't smell like "black hemlock" at all) is a bit overpowering. And yes, I get a bit of chocolate too.

I have a sample of this and like it quite a bit.
The pungent mossiness to me is a bit much for me, too, so I don't think I'd buy more than my little vial, but I think it's very evocative. Overall I'm a fan of La Curie.

NB fans of Sixteen92, you might really dig this one—it smells, to me, like what I imagined a lot of Claire Baxter's scents would smell like, but done much better with more finesse and care (and better materials).

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