Jeanne en Provence Olive Wood & Juniper ( Bois d'Olivier & Cade )


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Dec 3, 2008
Jeanne en Provence Olive Wood & Juniper ( Bois d'Olivier & Cade )

from the reviews about Jeanne en Provence Olive Wood and Juniper,
I think there is nothing similar to this, but I wonder if it is this similar to the aroma of cashmere wood ?
I mean the Soapy Wood and Amber aspect, like for example Dior Homme 2020 and Burberry Hero?
not the similar fragrances, only speak about the woodinest notes ?

Jeanne en Provence Olive Wood & Juniper ( Bois d'Olivier & Cade ) from reviews , its looks more clean and fresh from
the apple note ?

Does anyone use it frequently and recommend it as a signature fragrance or add to the collection
or do you prefer some other better alternatives of this style of woody fresh fragrances ?
I appreciate your comments and sharing your experiences, thanks.


Basenotes Institution
Jan 21, 2006
Happening to own this, rating it as very soapy indeed but also with little to no resemblance to DH 2000 or Burberry Hero.

In fact, would rate it as halfway between Eau des Baux, but much less sweet and the almost eponymous Cade-both by l'Occitane, but with a much lighter, fresher take on either. While getting no apple nor cashmere wood from this either, unless the combination between fresh, moderately sweet spices and fresh wood can marginally suggest a slight hint of a very fresh, but paradoxically neither too sweet nor acidic apple scent.

While considering this fairly priced for its actual value and performance, would still personally tend and also be inclined to recommend trying and/or owning more woody fresh fragrances in a similar or only slightly costlier price category, for instance several Azzaro PH flankers and also Sport and Visit from the same house, some of the less heavy Jacques Bogart scents, Accordo di Ebano, Assenzio, Ginepro Nero-all these three latter EDPs by l'Erbolario, Chopard Noble Cedre, Pierre Cardin Cedre Ambre.

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