ISO a spicy "dirty" amber like the original formula Ambre Sultab


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Jul 17, 2016
Had a bottle of this when it first came out, fell in love with it. I think I got the bottle in 2002. The amber was great but the spices sent it over the top. Each note came through with crystal clarity, felt like 50 percent amber 50 percent spice. It was a little rough, it has grit. Got a current bottle...nope. Nearly pure amber, my beloved spices are gone. I'm not one to complain loud or often about reformations, sometimes they aren't as bad. But this was devastating.

Been watching people praise Tauer LADDM for years as a spicy, exotic, evocative and challenging amber. I'm a stable genius so naturally I blind bought it from Luckyscent. It's nice, but not the exotic spicy amber I'm looking for. This is maybe 80 amber 20 spice. I might sell it, or just use it as a dumb reach frag but it didn't scratch my spicy amber itch. So until I find a vintage bottle of Ambre Sultan, help me scratch my itch. What spicy and exotic amber should I try?
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