Is it dumb to try a flanker first?

Aug 15, 2021
Hi everyone, new to this hobby and have a small list of recommended fragrances I want to try after researching on youtube/here/fragrantica etc... My question is, is it pointless to go straight to say, an EDP without having ever tried the original. Some examples I'm referring to: should I not try allure homme eau extreme if I've never tried the homme sport? Should I check if I like the original first? I bought 100ml of Terres d'Hermes Parfum after trying a sample and loving it, but have never tried the EDT. Should I have given the EDT a try first? Am I doin it wrong? :lolk:


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Sep 12, 2019
No, you are not doing anything wrong.

There are no straightforward rules in how to get into that hobby. Flankers have their own personalities. If you enjoy a fragrance, you do not have to look for all the previous release of that same line in order to make a choice. Heck, I am not even sure which one is the original Allure, there are so many. Also, in some lines, original are rather old and have been reformulated so it is not like you would always get the authentic and initial idea of the perfurmer (think Dior homme line).

Terre d'Hermes Parfum is a great fragrance, and it offers something different and distinctive from the EDT. It is not just a flanker, it is a fantastic scent on its own. Congratz on your purchase.

Ofc, if you can, do try the others of the line for that same reason that they are different. But this a general advice, when looking for a specific fragrance, to try out a selection on skin and compare, even from different brands. Has nothing to do with the original.

And welcome to the forum :thumbsup:


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Jun 13, 2021
No, but I would strongly suggest sampling anything before buying. Although it seems to be getting harder to do that now days unless the store will make a sample for you or you can spray it on.

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