Introducing Lattafa Hayaati Al Maleky


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Feb 3, 2011
This fragrance hasn't yet made it to the Basenotes directory, so I am offering my first impressions here until it gets added.

Blind first impression is vanilla and sweet fruit (apple or plum maybe?), almost cotton candy-type sweetness but quite delicious. Within a few minutes, lemon and lavender step forward, though the lemon is fleeting. There is also something a bit zingy and different that I can't identify. Seems to straddle a line between Lattafa Fakhar and a pure gourmand. Though this is different from Khamrah and Fakhar (which I already own), this would fill the same space, and given the limited utility of gourmand-type fragrances for me personally, this is not a must-add to my collection. But it is delicious.

Now checking notes (which is hard because Basenotes and Fragrantica don't list it yet, and several commercial sites confuse it with the very different Hayaati OG), this has lemon and rhubarb up top, clary sage and lavender mid and patchouli, vanilla and vetiver in the base. I guess the rhubarb with vanilla sweetness is the fruity, zingy note, still can't pick up sage, and the patchouli and vetiver are still submerged beneath the powerful vanilla accord.

At around 3 hours, vanilla still dominates, but a nicely-contrasting herbal/green bitter note has kicked up. Probably a combination of the rhubarb and, actually, the sage, as well as the patchouli. The lemon is long gone and the lavender, if it is still here, is serving only in a non-specific aromatic role. And vetiver? I don't believe anyone would ever identify it without the notes.

If I could give an impressionist comparison to this drydown, picture the smell of a piece of sweet corn on the cob, including the husk, plus vanilla. It gets a thumbs up, and anyone (male or female) who enjoys YSL Y type fragrances and/or gourmands really can't go wrong with this, especially at less than $20 for 100ml.

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