Intro thread for Goldweave: Kinda slow, but I'm finally getting around to it


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Jan 14, 2018
Hi everyone! I've been signed up for ages it seems, but had forgotten about that (easier to do that one might think). Probably because my perfume interest tends to come and go in waves. Kind of like the perfect sillage perhaps? Anyway, I'm on what has become my yearly vintage bender, so I thought I'd read a few and make a few posts.

So I shall start with the questions:

The first fragrance I ever owned was...Chanel No 5 eau de cologne. It set me back a whole EIGHT dollars when I was about 13?

The first fragrance I bought with my own money was... see above.

My favorite fragrances Do I have one? Hmmm. The one that has always been in my stash is Lancome Tresor, but I wear it far less than I used to - too many other beauties out there.

Tell us a bit about where you live (you don't have to specify where it is if you don't want to) Oklahoma

Tell us a bit about what you do for fun... Quilt, read, cook, hang out with (a few carefully "curated" triple vaccinated and hazmat-suited) friends. (Yes, that's sort of a hyperbolic joke. Sort of...)

Tell us a bit about what you do for work... sort of kinda retired. Or as I call it, re-tired. (It's a long, sad, and sordid tale)

🎵 Your favourite band / music / album.... no clear favorite. Like jazz to classical with most in between. Always a big fan of singers over bands though. So, knowing that it's the tip of an iceberg, I'll just put out that I love anything by Eva Cassidy.

📺 Your favourite TV Shows... Don't watch too many series. Loved the Battlestar Galactica reboot (guess even that is kinda old now - yikes) and Grimm (my favorite background watched-it-oodles-of-times-so-I-don't-have-to-focus-on-it show to have on while hand-binding quilts)

🎬 Your favourite Movies.... All over the place, but right off the top of my head, The Princess Bride, The Holy Grail, The Crow, the LOTR movies, and most recently The Dressmaker with Kate Winslett

📚 Your favourite Books.... Favorites? Please. Best not to go down that rabbit hole. Will only say I don't read many novels, read lots of targeted history books, current affair type books, medical history, cookbooks, some essays, a very few "classics".

🕹️ Your favourite video games... NA

😋 Your favourite food... carbs of all kinds, chicken, salmon.

🐱 Do you have any pets? One big yet very trim black lab who eats 3 times a day yet is always starving (he tells us so regularly) and one very fluffy Birman without a mean bone in her and the moniker "Sweetest Cat Ever™".

🎉 What's your best party trick? Snort. Just making it TO a party is a trick for me.

😎 Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone famous? When I was in my 30s I had one guy tell me on a regular basis that I looked like Bonnie Bedelia. I actually kinda did. But I don't now.

And now everyone knows me. Well, sorta...

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Jan 6, 2012
Welcome, Goldweave! Try to stick around more, willya? :)

You might enjoy falling in with the SOTD crowd:


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Jan 14, 2018
Welcome, Goldweave! Try to stick around more, willya? :)

You might enjoy falling in with the SOTD crowd:
Thanks for the welcome and I have duly dipped my scented toe (well, OK, maybe not such a lovely scent at this very moment as right after typing this I'm finally heading for the Holy Chamber of Cleansing - I've been lolling this morning, time to get moving) into the SOTD thread. :)


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Jan 14, 2018
Thanks for the kind welcome everyone! :)

I prolly ought to tell you a bit more about my scented world.

I've always worn perfume, but never knew much about it for several reasons, not the least of which are the fact that living in the center of the U.S. in the 70s and 80s meant that perfume selections were not very plush, and of course back then, we didn't have the interwebs to give us access to everything at the press of a key. So I had the usual suspects at our department store cosmetics department. Of course back then the usual suspects were in general (IMO) better than they are these days. Or at least it was easier to find scents that have since become "classics".

So from that you may correctly assume that I'm more about vintage stuff than not. Not entirely, but I love the older styles of perfume more than the newer stuff, with a few notable exceptions.

First perfume I remember knowing, was Faruche by Nina Ricci in the white bottle w/red band . I was about 6? 7? My mom had gotten it as a gift and I don't think she cared for it much. I would sneak into the bathroom where the bottle was, and sniff the sprayer because I loved it so. Alas, the vintage I got a few years ago, did not live up to my memory. Oh well, these things happen.

The next one was Aliage. A friend of my mother's wore it in a BIG way. She had it in every form imaginable, and if you remember Aliage from 1974, it came in a LOT of forms. Her whole house smelled of the stuff and my 11 year-old nose was entranced - I LOVED it.

And then, of course, came the No 5 I mentioned above.

So those were the perfumes that influenced my early self. Later I started wearing Tresor, after other earlier dalliances with Halson, Tatiana, and Obsession. Tresor has stayed with me, most of the others were short term. I do seem to gravitate to Sophia Grojsman's perfumes and any of the old-style chypres. I'm not much for top notes of anything - although some are nice. I'm mostly about the drydown of everything. I'm slowly learning notes, but without the ability to actually smell individual notes as comparisons, it's hard to pick them out of perfumes that are supposed to have them. Take sandalwood for example. I know that a lot of the perfumes I like have sandalwood, but only after a friend brought me some ground sandalwood from Oman, could I have told you WHAT that was. Now I can. So that's pretty nifty.

Hmmm...what else? I pretty much loathe oud and class it with the heavily smoked scotch my husband loves: smells like bandaids IN a house fire. I've had a decant of one perfume with it in it - Killian Rose Oud, bought in my "let's try out modern rose perfumes!" period. It was....OK, as in nice in the drydown but dang I had to wait a long time for it to get there. Then I tried Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud (just a spritz at a store) and would happily have amputated my own arm to get away from that oud. So I just make it policy to avoid oud - there are just too many scents I DO like to waste time trying to force myself to learn to like the ones I don't.

Oh, and Angel was another that had me frantic to dowse my arm in a vat of oil and soap and more oil get the drift. I know it's a modern-ish classic that basically started the gourmand category and craze, but OMG. No. Just no. I suspect I would not like ANY of Mugler's frags because of that. ((BUT, lest you think I've given up on all gourmands, I just ordered one! More on that some other post, maybe somewhere else? This is just me giving you outlines of where I come from fragrance-wise) Oh, and I gave up completely on Ormonde Jayne because of the ones I've tried (there were 3 I think, but don't ask me which because I jettisoned that info from my rapidly shrinking synapses) they all had.....something (could I be more vague?) in there that just never moderated and that I could never come to like.

OK, I could say more but I'ma shut up now. I 'spect that since I'm hanging out in this forum more now, I'll be picking up all sorts of interesting factoids from ALL y'all. ;-)


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Jan 14, 2018
Ha ha, l hate Angel too! 😝 But l love Alien, which is completely different. lf you like jasmine, maybe it's worth a try?
Actually, I do like jasmine. I have gifts of Michael Kors White (OK, unremarkable), and Kors Glam Jasmine (need to give that one another round - it's supposed to be light). The one I wear the most is Dior J'adore l'absolu, the 2017 version. I think. Dior has done their usual and reworked that one so many times while giving it the same name, that it's dreadfully hard to find the version you're after. Anyway, I'm making my way through bottle number two of that one - love it.


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Jan 14, 2018
Welcome Goldweave!

I loved reading your introductory notes. Wearing Chanel No. 5 at 13?…priceless. And you like Farouche and Aliage too!

I hope you join in the discussions on the Vintage Forum when you feel inclined.
Hi Grayspoole, thanks for the welcome! I will definitely make a post or two in the Vintage Forum. :)

Oh and about that No 5 at 13...I did not marinate and then go to school, although in retrospect, I probably should have*. And I guess my mom never knew that certain perfumes were considered too too something, and I never picked up that baggage either. I just thought it smelled really beautiful. (The mental and societal baggage that people carry around about smells of all kinds is truly a topic that never ends, isn't it?) No, that bottle lasted until I was almost out of college. That bottle is what has allowed me to be more than a little decent at hunting down vintage No 5s - it helps when you have every detail of the very bottle (style-wise) that you're considering buying, burned into your adolescent memory. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when the very first bottle of EDC I took the plunge on, smelled exactly like I remembered.

* My mom was a lovely person and an excellent mother and later we were best friends as only a mother and daughter can be. I will miss her until I die. BUT, she was also a heavy smoker. As a child I learned early to chant "Get that thing away from me!". Everyone in my family smoked it seemed. It was horrible, although at the time I was unaware of how much I was permeated by smoke. Going away to college was a glorious revelation of finally being able to BREATHE, but somewhat tinged with chagrin at the realization that I'd spent the bulk of my life until that point smelling like an ashtray. Of course in that era so many of the parents smoked, it was probably far less remarkable than it would be now. I had friends and dates, so I guess I survived socially even so. That said, it's amazing I could smell anything at all. Maybe my early love of perfume was unconsciously jumpstarted by my trying to escape the miasma of cigarettes I grew up with? Anyway, I was pretty sparing with perfume in general and my No 5 (the early ones were dabbers after all and those are a bit harder to over-do) until we ALL started wildly spraying and marinating in the mid-80s. Today's 20-somethings may have tiny frissons of horror at the thought of being able to actually be smelled, or OFFENDING someone, but back then as often as not, I discovered my next perfume love (and a few hates) by smelling it wafting from someone rather than by just testing it at a cosmetics counter.

Yeah, I'll be haunting the Vintage Forum directly. ;)

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