Interlude and Interlude-53 Description from the Makers ! (Amouage Team)


Basenotes Junkie
Oct 4, 2014
A follow up to my earlier threads about asking the difference between Amouage Interlude and Interlude-53. I had written to Amouage guys and this is the reply I got from them. What do you guys think ??

"Interlude 53 concentrate went through a full 8 weeks maturation while the final fragrance was left in maceration for a total of 16weeks, carefully monitoring its evolution every four weeks. As a comparison, the original Interlude Man Eau de Parfum goes through 3 weeks of maturation and 3 weeks of maceration and you get more deep base note and has 25% of concentrate.

Interlude 53 is so rich, deep, textured and the way it develops is amazing. Definitely smells Interlude but without the opening “punch”, you get to smell the other ingredients that you do not smell in the original, and the dry down is beautiful."
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