Inside Linda Evangelista's bag of wonders


Basenotes Dependent
Jan 9, 2002

I love snooping inside someone's bag. At one point (see screenshot) she shows a small, 1oz bee bottle. I assume she bought one of those fancy 1 litre bottles of something and this is what Guerlain gives you to decant into.

Anyway - guesses (for fun)? She's known to love tuberose and gardenia. The juice in the bottle is a pale yellow so it kinda looks like one of the classics(?), or at least something that isn't dyed.

I feel like it's either something whispy like Vol De Nuit or something really brassy like Nahema.

Normally I don't give a toss about celebrities, but imo she's the most beautiful person in the world and I love how wacky she is.


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Basenotes Institution
Jan 21, 2006
Thank you for sharing and posting.
Apart from admiring from the early to mid 90s, do like some of her cosmetics and especially scent choices as quite tasteful, as much as befitting her both public as well as more personal/private image, persona and style.


Basenotes Plus
Jan 3, 2019
She's so cool!
“I really liked this one, it was on a top, top shelf, and it had dust on it, and they advised me not to take this because they said it was démodé, and I wore it every single day” <---- this was golden.
I love how she uses things that are meaningful to her for years and years and that she has her own opinion and seems to want to please herself and not the others.

To be honest I got some ideas for myself as I'm also one of those people who carry everything they might need in their bag. That pill case is something I would use. (for now I'm just keeping a packet of painkillers and stuff for allergies in my bag, but I could step this up!)
Everyone knows that if you're in pain, have chipped your nail, need a tampon or a pad, a desinfectant or a pair of tweezers you can come to me for help. I like to feel prepared, and I'm glad I'm not alone. (I also liked a similar video with Emma Watson, she's also a lady after my own heart who always carries tons of useful stuff including water, blanket, a hot water bag for pain relief and a rosewater mist because she loves spraying it all over)

I was just a little surprised Linda Evangelista wasn't carrying a water bottle with her. (Or maybe she does and I just missed that?)

As for the perfume, I also feel this could be one of the classics - she clearly does not care about trends, she cares about what she enjoys. My first guess would be Samsara, but it could be anything.


Basenotes Junkie
Aug 16, 2021
She mentioned L'Heure Bleue in an interview once apparently, if that's true then she has damn good taste! 👍 Could be that in the bottle considering the colour, hard to tell as it's blurred. Kinda weird how I'm fascinated by this woman's choice of Guerlain even tho I had no idea who she was 10 minutes ago! :LOL:


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Nov 5, 2010
The bag contents in these videos are probably made up-that is, they put in a lot of stuff even though that's not what they usually carry. But it's entertaining.


Basenotes Dependent
Nov 22, 2019
Hard to say. I had a bottle of Jicky Extrait that looked exactly that shade of color, but that hardly means anything as any of the classics could be it.


Basenotes Dependent
Jan 9, 2002
I've since read that she's also a fan of one of the l'Arte collection.

Also (damn you google algorithms), I had another story pop up on my newsfeed about how difficult she is to work with.

I guess she flew to AU 30 years to promote a treadmill, so she showed up in workout gear. It turned into an evening affair and she had nothing to change into, so she reamed out the organizer for making her look dumb.

The interviewed her and she said "oh I love Australia! I remember I went to do a treadmill promo, I don't remember him at all." Such a classic response from her.

Also, I also wasn't aware of her horrific experience with fat-freezing (I don't know what it's actually called).

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