Imaginary Authors 9 YR Annivesary (15% Off Telegramma) Ends 9/23/2021


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jun 28, 2016

Here's Imaginary Authors Telegramma link.


This has been Experience with Imaginary Authors.
Every year they have a sample sale.
Their samples are very good.
If you don't know the house, then my suggestion to you would be to get on their mailing list,
and subscribe to their newsletters.
Since it can be difficult to get discounts on Imaginary Authors, then why not get the discounts directly from them.
They do have sales a few times a year.

We are also going to be coming up on the seasons, so if you haven't subscribed to some of your favorite houses,
you should. Hopefully, when they do alert you to a sale, you can inform us here on this forum.
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