Im not sure whether this Creed Green Irish Tweed is real or not.


Basenotes Junkie
Aug 11, 2014
I have a 2016 120ML. Yours looks very fake to me.
-The sprayer on yours is white, mine is black
-The paint on your bottle is too reflective
-The cap on yours is too Matte
-The font on your bottle are too thin
-Your font type on the box is not the same as mine
-The crest and letters on mine are golden and beveled yours are gray and flat
-The box pattern on yours can't be distinguished, mine has very visible Creed stamps all over
-The center label on yours is square, mine is Rectangle

I bought my bottle at a France authorized dealer for reference. All my other 120ML Creed boxes look same as my GIT, I've never seen one like your box.


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