I'm James in Los Angeles currently self learning through scenthusiasm


Basenotes Member
Jan 24, 2022
This is an expensice hobby..omg.
If you in LA and want to play with aroma lemme know!

Sample questions
The first fragrance I ever owned was... Bvlgari Aqua Pour Homme back in high school

The first fragrance I bought with my own money was... same as above.

My favorite fragrances is.... the original sunday Riley ceramic slip cleaner smells amazing to me. Also the smell of olaplex.

Tell us a bit about where you live (you don't have to specify where it is if you don't want to) I'm in Los Angeles art district. I don't wear perfume but I love the art and creative aspect of perfume making.

Tell us a bit about what you do for fun... I love studying and doing creative projects.

Tell us a bit about what you do for work...
I am a hair colorist and I also sell stuff online that's related to my interests and profession.

🎵 Your favourite band / music / album....tbh I don't listen to much music anymore. I use to listen to visual kei jrock and shinee. Also everyone loves Rihanna.

📺 Your favourite TV Shows...
Rpdr, hamnibal, legion,

🎬 Your favourite Movies....
Mean girls

📚 Your favourite Books....
A new earth

🕹️ Your favourite video games...
Leage of legends wild rift

😋 Your favourite food...
Bun thit nuong

🐱 Do you have any pets?
I do! I love my bunny. His name is Lazy

🎉 What's your best party trick?
If you sit in a corner and play League of Legends people will leave you alone. Hah

😎 Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone famous?

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