If I like Jacomo Silences, will I also like the newer Silences Sublime?

How similar are Silences and Silences Sublime?

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  • They are noticeably different

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  • Nobody wears Silences anymore, why do you even want to know

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New member
Oct 9, 2022
I like Jacomo Silences very much, but I only have a vintage miniature. I've been wondering about the newer version, but really don't want to end up with yet another big bottle of something I don't enjoy. Especially that it's not expensive enough to be worth selling second hand, and it might not be attractive enough for my family to be willing to adopt it for free 😄 So chances are I'll be stuck with it.

If anyone here is familiar with Silences Sublime, your opinion will be greatly appreciated!


queen of the universe
Basenotes Plus
Jun 8, 2008
Just wanted to say I still have about half of a 1.7 oz bottle of Silences, and your post has me reaching for it. Now I need to look up silences sublime and compare notes.


New member
Oct 9, 2022
I've just found a 50 ml bottle of what looks like the older version on eBay, at a nice price. I might buy it, but I must double check with the seller if the image is correct. A 50 ml bottle would keep me happy for some time before I have to look at the Sublime version again 😄

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