Ideal temperature for Chiller/Freezer?


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Jan 1, 2007
Considering purchasing a small sized Wine Chiller (good for 20 bottles) to store wines and some colognes. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions/experiences of what is an ideal temperature to ensure a healthy residense of cologne in this little chiller?


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Basenotes Plus
Apr 8, 2006
someone (supermarky??) posted a photo of the chillers in the malle store the other day. I noted the temperature on those was about 13 degrees.


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Sep 12, 2004
I keep mine right at that temp.

Freezing or below is too cold. Normal refrigerator temp (4-6 C) is probably not too cold but not necessary IMO. However, "room temperature" (24-27 C) is not nearly cold enough to preserve my frags for as long as i need them to last. I have a modest wardrobe compared to some but I know I still won't use some of my frags up for YEARS. So, I store mine in a mini-fridg and I keep it at 12-13 C.


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Mar 2, 2006
I contacted the Osmotheque Fragrance Museum in Versailles, France several months ago. Osmotheque is directed by Jean Kerleo, former nose for Jean Patou. They house a massive quantity of the rarest and most expensive perfumes in the world.

They store citrus dominant frags at 4 degrees celsius - approx. 40 degrees fahrenheit, and most others at 10 degrees celsius - approx. 50 degrees fahrenheit.



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Jan 1, 2007
Thank You all for that piece of information..
12-13 degrees it is... will share pics of the chiller once I get it :)

Just wondering...anyone knows, the temperature of 12-13 be adequate to store wines as well?


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Apr 17, 2007
I just bought a Danby DAR259 mini fridge just for all my frags! :) The addiction... yes... i know! haha


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Jun 14, 2009

Originally posted by Narcus


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Oct 6, 2010
I don't think it's a good idea to store wine and perfume in the same closed container.... not if you like the wine that is. Keep in mind that natural corks are porous and the wine is supposed to breath through the cork a bit.

Also, the inexpensive "wine 'fridge" products often have poor temperature controls. Wine wants to be stored at a constant temperature. Temperature swings are really bad for it. A typical household refrigerator will rise to three or four degrees above its set-point before the cooling turns on. Then, it will cool to three or four degrees below the set-point before it turns off. The result is a six- or eight-degree temperature swing. Even if you don't open the door, it will do that three to six times per day. This is slow murder for wine. But a lot of inexpensive "wine fridge" products are just house-hold refrigerators -- often the small "dorm room style" units -- with the shelves replaced by wine racks. They go through these wide cycles maybe six times per day.

This is the beauty of a natural wine cellar. In the summer the temperature may rise to 58. In the winter, it may fall to 52, a six-degree cycle, but it makes that cycle slowly and only once per year. One or two days in a household refrigerator does as much damage to the wine as a decade in such a natural cellar will.

I don't know what the effect of temperature cycles is on perfumes. They may be less senstiive to this than wine.

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