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Oct 1, 2013
I could only find an Iceland post in the "Online Shopping" section so I wanted to start something for local shopping guides. Mods, redirect this post if I missed the proper sub group - and start an Iceland sub if not!

I am basically duping my post in the decade old online thread, since I just got back from Iceland:

If you are in Iceland and like niche, you MUST check out Andrea Maack's line, a native Icelandic designer whose fragrance range is being re-released in slick asymmetric bottles alongside a few new perfumes. She is in the basenotes database.

Her fragrances, as well as several other great niche and luxury lines, can be found in downtown Reykjavik at this perfumery - the absolute frag head destination in Iceland I would suspect:

Madison Ilmhús
Aðalstræti 9, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland

If you just google "Madison Perfume" while in the country it will surely come up. Great selection! If you browse the perfume listed for sale on the website, it is not comprehensive of what is in the store. Malle, Killian, Nasomatto, Agonist, I think Boadicea?, Maack of course, and a bunch of others lines I didn't write down but should have. There is a ticker of brands on the homepage that can give you a feel. SA's speak Icelandic and English.

Otherwise, I thought the Duty Free at Reykjavik airport was quite good for that genre of selection. Bigger selection at the duty free while leaving than for arriving so consider holding off for that. 3-4 Icelandic scents that aren't Andre Maack (all bad IMO). Otherwise mostly designers that you would expect. But the selection within those lines was enjoyably different than what usually shows up in the USA. Also lots of Chanel 30mL minis which was either very cool or fake? IDK I don't shop a lot of Chanel.

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