I Smell. . . the Beginning of a New Relationship

I really wasn't thinking about perfume. I was trying to finish my dictations. However, my co-worker was talking away, ". . . blah blah blah. . . perfume sale. . . blah blah blah." If I had ears like a dog, they would have perked up.

I was waiting for a laboratory result anyway, so I went over to the place she was talking about, where they were holding a perfume sale at work. And that was where I found it. I really wasn't even expecting to find anything I liked. I kind of missed my bottle of Cuba Gold, which my mom took the last time she was here. That was the only thing I thought *MAYBE* I would re-buy, if I saw it. But, I really didn't expect to find anything amidst the shiny pink and silver masses of celebrity-splattered boxes.

But, every time I find a fragrance that hooks me, it is that way. Unexpected. Unexplainable.

It was kind of like how I met my husband. I really didn't plan to like him. I didn't even plan to marry him. It just happened that way.

And just as with a new-found crush, I want to know everything. What's in it? When was it made? Who made it? Why did someone make this? Who designed the bottle?

Others of my fragrances crushes have mimicked my real-life relationships. Sometimes they fall out of favor with me. I'll look at the bottle, and sniff a while, and go, "Geez! Why did I ever like this in the first place?! Whatever in the heck was I thinking?" And I'll have absolutely no trouble letting them go.

Others of my fragrance crushes, I still hold on to, but rarely wear. I'm still friends with them, but I know they just don't suit me anymore. I want something more.

And then there's what I guess some people call one's Holy Grail. I don't think I have a fragrance Holy Grail. I don't know if I ever will. I can't remember where I read that Brad Pitt doesn't feel that people were meant to have only one partner in their whole life. I don't know that I'll ever have just one fragrance in my life that I enjoy. And that's where I know my affinity for perfumes and my desire for close relationships differ, because I do believe in true love, and one and only one partner forever.

I know some may look at others' fragrance crushes and mumble under their breath, "What does she see in that fragrance?" Just as how I sometimes notice the most beautiful women tend to glom onto the most assholey of men, and yet are blind to their faults, making excuses for their deficiencies, so it is that way with fragrance, I suppose.

What I find intensely absorbing fragrance, to others is just a dime-store toilet water.

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Jun 10, 2012
I must disagree with Brad Pitt, My wife and I believe "til death do us part" is a strong motivator to work out our problems...so we do. Alas, with fragrances, some mornings I wake up and say "Montale Black Aoud, it was a nice fling, but now I am tired of you and you must leave."


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Sep 2, 2006
LOL! If Montale Black Aoud had been a guy, he would have been one of the chemistry majors who rolled out of bed at 7:55 AM to go to an 8:00 AM class and to choose a seat next to me thereby ensuring I would never date him ever. :D

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