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We've been kind of pinching pennies for about a year now. I say that with the reminder that I've probably spent over $500 on perfume this year alone. So, I don't know whether it's a combination of curiosity or miserly-ness or both, but I've recently entertained an interest in a section of our local grocery store that stocks bath and body products imported from countries south of us. I occasionally pass by this aisle, and stop to wonder. I never purchased anything though, because I wasn't quite curious enough.

However, last month, while ogling JBHoren's gorgeous Scent of the Day pictures, I saw that he was wearing Murray & Lanman Florida Water. Florida Water? Ah! That was one of the colognes in the grocery store! Never let it be said that I am not easily influenced by others, because my next visit to the grocery store had me standing in that aisle trying to pick out a bottle that wasn't completely covered with dust. $3.99 + tax later, I had me a bottle of this curious juice in a plastic green bottle.

So, I brought it home and it sat in the bathroom for about 2 weeks, due to my laziness in getting around to trying it. Finally, today, I decanted a little bit into a tiny spray vial with an extra dropper from Sally's Accessories for Fragrances (I never thought I'd use these droppers, but for this task, it was nice to have them.), and then gave it a spritz.

Ginger ale! That was my initial impression. Lots of ginger and lemon/bergamot smell. It made me smile, for all of. . . what?. . . 30 minutes. And then it was nearly gone. Granted, I only used one spray. I could have used much more, and perhaps it would have had more sillage. However, I would like a fragrance that I'm wearing to project a little more than this one does. Longevity was good. > 24 hours later, and I could still smell something like ginger snaps on my skin. But, I had to get *really* close to smell it.

'Definitely has it's uses, I suppose. Ginger is known to be good for nausea due to mal de mer. So perhaps, ginger ale. . . er, I mean Florida Water. . . would be good for boating trips. It may even be good for morning after sickness. Certainly, on Murray & Lancome's Website, they claim that Florida Water is good against many ailments, including the following: (and I quote from the website)

Added to the Bath or wash-basin, Murray & Lanman's Florida Water is delightfully refreshing and leaves the skin delicately fragrant.

After the Shower it provides an exhilarating rubdown, giving a delightful glow to the skin, toning muscles and nerves.

As an Astringent and Skin Lotion, Murray & Lanman's Florida Water acts with pleasing effect. It contracts the pores, tones-up the skin, leaving it with a feeling of freshness.

As a Personal Deodorant, Murray & Lanman's Florida Water is indispensable to the fastidious woman. Its faint and elusive, yet delightful scent, makes it invaluable for this purpose.

As a Sickroom Deodorant, a few drops sprinkled around the room perfumes the air and overcomes sickroom odors.

As a Rubdown for the Sick, Murray & Lanman's Florida Water has a beneficial, stimulating effect. Many find it more pleasant and helpful than an alcohol rub.

Before Shaving, Murray & Lanman's Florida Water softens the toughest beard and prepares the skin for a smooth, luxurious shave.

After Shaving, it contracts the pores, Its mildly astringent action soothes and heals skin abrasions caused by shaving.

Headaches, due to excitement or nervousness are usually relieved by simply applying cooling and refreshing Murray & Lanman's Florida Water to the temples and forehead.

For Insect bites, an application of Murray & Lanman's Florida Water on the infected part usually proves helpful.

In Hot Weather, a feeling of agreeable coolness is quickly induced by applying Murray & Lanman's Florida Water to the brow. Use as directed in bath and after shave.

As a Perfume, there is no more delightful scent than Murray & Lanman's Florida Water. Unobtrusive and remindful of a flower-garden, it can be used in an atomizer, on the handkerchief, or on the person.

After Exercise, a rubdown with Murray & Lanman's Florida Water produces a warm tingling glow - delightful and invigorating - zestful to the muscles, restful to the nerves.

For Jangled Nerves, produced by exitement or shock, Murray & Lanman's Florida Water applied to the forehead and used as a rubdown, usually relieves nervous tension and relaxes the muscles.

To the Hair a sprinkling of Murray & Lanman's Florida Water gives an enchanting fragrance appropriate to the party or dance. It soothes itching scalp.

For Boudoir Daintiness, a few drops sprinkled in your lingerie drawer, handkerchief-box and clothes closets is lovely and lasting.

To Freshen Rooms that have been newly dusted, to overcome smoke-stuffiness, kitchen odors and the smell of new paint, sweeten the air with a sprinkling of Murray & Lanman's Florida Water.

Head Colds will be less annoying if a little Murray & Lanman's Florida Water is sprinkled on a handkerchief and the aroma frequently inhaled.

For Tired, Burning Feet, bathe in warm water to which Murray & Lanman's Florida Water has been added. The soothing, refreshing effect is most gratifying.

For Complexion Care, never fail to massage the skin with Murray & Lanman's Florida Water after removing make-up, especially before retiring.

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Well-known member
May 30, 2006
Oh I want some for Jangled Nerves and Boudoir Daintiness!!!!

What a fabulous find. I love Eaux de Cologne in the summer if it gets hot - I like the cooling effect of the alcohol as much as anything else. I heartily recommend stashing a 15ml spritzer in the handbag or car for regular squirts to cool down. And edc means never having to say 'oops, I over-applied'!


Well-known member
Sep 2, 2006
Oh man... I'd forgotten about Florida Water. I saw it all the time in groceries when I was in Texas. Now that I'm in Washington state, I don't think I've seen it at all! I could really do with a ginger fragrance again. Especially now that I have a cabin boat!

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