I Smell. . . Changes

I know people got lots of things going on. Some of us have had a lot of changes come about due to the lockdown. Some of us, like myself, had a lot of changes going on even before the lockdown, uncomfortable changes. I haven't been posting here very much over the past ten years because a LOT of changes happened about ten years ago. And it led to other changes, and more changes, and more changes, and more changes.

So by the time the lockdown happened, I was getting used to having to change direction abruptly again. I don't like doing it, but I'm used to it now. So uncertainty has been my constant companion for the past decade.

But just as someone on Basenotes said part of becoming a scent connoisseur is ending up back where you started. Well, okay, I guess I'm back.

The only reason I'm posting here tonight (tonight because it's 8:20 PM where I am.... I know it's 4:40 AM in London) is because now that my brood are old enough to occupy themselves while Mom has a moment alone in the office, I was able to clean up my desk space and found a collection of samples sent to me by another Basenotes member, gee, back in 2016. 2016. Four freaking years ago. I know samples can go bad, but I don't think these have yet. I have a slip of paper inside the sample box that has dates and notes of when I sampled them. I've only sampled five of the ten.

There were days before I had kids when I sampled several things per day. Now, I barely have time to write down my notes on ONE sample before I get called away because someone needs something. Okay, maybe not NEEDS, but wants something. Or something happens, like someone puts curry powder in my cookie batter by accident. Or someone found the red crayons and decided to renovate the bedroom walls with this cheery, or cherry, color.

Today, I'm sampling 1725. It's really nice. I'll probably find these samples again in another four months, and try something else.

But for now, I'll just go post a review on 1899 Ernest Hemingway, and then make pizza dough for dinner.


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