I Smell. . . Better Together Than Apart

I've been wearing Montana Parfum d'Homme (red box, not blue box) almost religiously, for the last few weeks, and although I could identify bergamot, pine, and patchouli easily, I had a hard time really saying what it was about this scent that I liked so much that I could wear it for so many days straight!

Well, not too long ago, someone had given me a sample of Versace Green Jeans to try. The notes from the sample card say this:

"A burst of energy, a journey into the depths of nature. The sharp citrus notes of lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot evoke the freshness of seaside pine, cedar, and mint leaves. The warmer notes of American red pine, sandalwood, and oak moss emphasise the sparkling character of this fragrance."

I was excited to see the words "lemon," "bergamot," "pine," "sandalwood," and "oak moss," and I wondered if Green Jeans might smell similar to another greeny scent -- Montana Parfum d'Homme (red box, not blue box). So before I left the house, I couldn't help but spritz a little bit of reformulation Montana Parfum d'Homme (red box) on the other arm to compare to Versace Green Jeans.



Green Jeans is very aromatic. Like Caron's Yatagan. Or Romeo Gigli's Sud Est. Rosemary. Some might interpret as "tar." It's certainly pungent. I like it! Lemon and rosemary. There's some pine in there too. If one likes Yatagan, one will like this! (Why the notes listed above do not mention rosemary or wormwood, I don't know. Cuz that is what I smell most.)

SMM mentioned earlier today on the Scent of the Day thread that Montana Parfum d'Homme has flowers?!?!?!? And, I couldn't really identify them before, but next to Green Jeans, it was suddenly so easy to deconstruct this one. The opening is lemon and CARDAMOM! That's why I love it so! I love coffee with a good dose of cardamom. And so, this opening of lemon and cardamom just blends right into my morning coffee smell. Love it! But then, after the top notes subside, the middle part comes in. And yes, there's the pine I expected, but wow! Carnation! There *is* a flower in here! I don't smell the rose that SMM smells. I think I can smell the jasmine. But it's the carnation that I'm loving so much! Carnation and pine! I wouldn't have guessed such a combination would smell so good!

Of the two, I gotta say Montana Parfum d'Homme is far more wearable to me. I know not everyone likes the pungent smell of rosemary.

So, I finally have a "floral" I can wear on Sniff 'n' Speak Saturday in April. :)


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Redneck Perfumisto

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Feb 27, 2008
Very interesting post, Aiona! :) I think it's so fascinating the way fragrances can "solve" each other - it's like olfactory algebra! And that bottle pic is awesome, too. Reminds me a bit of that nasty, slick little feature outside Gillette. ;) I may have to get this one, too.

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