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Jun 19, 2004
We all know that when fashion brands die or take a rest, the fragrances may or may not go with it. Like when Thierry Mugler took a brief break from the fashion world, Angel, A*Men, and the like just kept chugging along.

But what happens when non-fashion brands go? Such a quandary is happening right now with HUMMER, the SUV brand that General Motors is discontinuing now that a sale to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Machinery (try saying that ten times fast) fell through. There were quite a few HUMMER licensed products at the brand's peak, from footwear (I once owned some HUMMER shoes) to fragrances.

This being Basenotes, we need to focus on the fragrance license. HUMMER has (had?) four fragrances. Originally licensed by General Motors to Riviera Concepts in Canada, who sold to Elizabeth Arden, they were HUMMER in 2004, HUMMER H2 in 2005, HUMMER Limited Edition in 2006, and HUMMER Pacific Blue in 2007 (not in the Basenotes directory). They were originally sold at department stores such as Macy's and cosmetics stores like Sephora, but distribution later shifted under Arden ownership to retailers like Target, Walmart, and Walgreens. But the big question for us Basenoters is, now that GM wants to eradicate every trace of HUMMER from their corporate image because the sale fell through, will the HUMMER fragrance license with Arden be dead, too? :huh:

That being said, I do know the local Arden Fragrances rep very well. I need to see her anyway - maybe she can clue me in :thumbsup:


Basenotes Dependent
Oct 7, 2000
I would say that the fragrances may continue but not under the HUMMER name - GM will terminate the contract with Arden and sell of the fragrance rights to them for a profit. This happened to Arden with Wings by Giorgio Beverly Hills - originally the GBH fragrance portfolio was sold off to P&G - Arden still had right to produce Wings under the Giorgio name the after was sold the Wings trade mark - minus the GBH subname.

HUMMMER may be given a new name.....

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