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Feb 20, 2008
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HUGE LIST: Men's/Women's/Unisex, Niche/Vintage/Designer. USA only.

My current swap list is at:

I have some other things, so if you send me your swap list as well as your want list, I can see if it appears there may be some possibilities. No need to read beyond this point at the moment, just go to the link above. Thanks.

Do not respond by posting to this thread! Send me a private message. Up to the triple lines, I believe the list is accurate. Below the triple lines are items that are perhaps 50% available (and because I may not be able to easily get to some of these bottles, which were stored away years ago, I advise not to look below the triple lines). USA only. Sales are also possible, but as you can see by the prices listed (but I'm open to swapping anything on this list, above the triple lines). I suggest copying and pasting a list of what you've got to swap to a private message, or providing a link to a list. Please also provide at least an estimate of the amount of ml you would be swapping and what the formulation is, if it is not an EdT (which is what I try to do). Pictures will be provided once the swap is seriously considered, but before swapping addresses. If you have less than 100 all positives you ship first then I ship out within 24 hours of receipt (with tracking/insurance for $50, at least). Disregard the number next to the first 15 items as they are for a different site (those bottles are available and the numbers are irrelevant here, since BN doesn't have a limit on bottles listed). Here are some of my swapping "rules:"

1. If you want a cosmetically perfect bottle, I will only swap ones that I have never been taken out of the original retail box (because I can't say I'll notice something you might). I am willing to take a quick look at the bottle if you like, but you will have to be satisfied with my assessment (or just don't do the swap). I swap for the fragrance, not the bottle. If I do see scratches, a dent, a crack, a chip, etc., I would certainly let you know, but it's possible I'll miss something minor. One time a little maple syrup got on the bottle (I was moving things around and placed it in a cabinet next to the syrup bottle for a couple of days), and the person acted like the world had ended, so again, I'm not sure I would detect such things (it had hardened and the bottle was very dark, so I didn't notice when packing it up); sometimes weird things like that happen, so if that sounds like it would be a horrifying experience to you, let's just not swap.
2. If you think you might not like the way the scent smells when you receive it, then don't swap with me. I test them all out, then they are stored properly (in terms of temperature and exposure to light), unless they are new and sealed in the box, of course, and again, if you don't think I can assess a scent to tell if it's "off," then just don't do the swap (I'm not going to take back a bottle if you think the scent has "gone bad"). I'm not a "top notes person," so I can only provide so much information about them. If it's a scent that you think often "goes off" in the top notes you might not want to obtain such a bottle from me.
3. If we agree to a swap, that's it. You don't continue to negotiate at that point. If you aren't sure, just tell me you want to take a day or so to think about it, and probably 99.9% of the time I'll hold the bottle until you make the final decision (if you decide in 24/48 hours). I usually take a day to make a final decision so I have no problem if you do too.
4. Please be sure to pack securely. Three layers of the smaller bubbles bubble wrap around the entirety of the bottle is best, IMO. One person didn't protect the top of the bottle and it must have been dropped. That led to the "neck" of the bottle breaking and all the liquid came out (it was delivered to me in a plastic bag by the postman, and the cardboard of the outer box was soaked). I worked for a packing company in the late 80s/early 90s and learned how to think about protecting everything of value. Also, if you are sending more than one bottle, if dropped, one bottle can crash into the other and break it (that also happened with two that I bought on ebay), so they need to be protected individually.

1.The first Victoria’s Secret scent, 50 ml with box/cap, missing 3 sprays.

2. Turquoise by Olivier Durbano, (100 ml, 99+%, with cap)

3. Oriental Lounge by TDC, less than 1 ml missing from 50 ml bottle (no cap/box).

4. Agrumi Amari di Sicilia by Bois 1920 (unisex), a bit more than half of 100 ml, no cap/box.

5. 1001 Nights EdP by Ajmal, 2 oz. with cap, I decanted 8 ml from it.

6. Mitsouko, newer formulation EdT (with tree moss), 3 ounce with cap/box (99+%).

7. Corrallium by Carthusia, 95% of 100 ml, with cap.

8. “Vintage” YSL Opium EdT spray, around 80% of 100 ml, with cap.

9. Escale a Portofino by Dior, half of 125 ml with cap.

10. Voyage d’Hermes Parfum, 100 ml missing a few sprays, no box.

11. Nuit de Cellophane (Lutens), around 60% of 50 ml, with cap.

12. Calligraphy Rose, sealed in the box, 100 ml.

13. Datura Noir by Lutens, around 80% of 50 ml, with cap.

14. Stash by SJP, 50 ml EdP Elixir, sprayed once with cap.

15. Montelena by YOSH, 95% of 1 ounce with cap.

A*Men original, along with Pures: Coffee, Wood, Leather, Tonka, and Malt (and Ice).

Spiritueuse Double Vanille, 75 ml, about 80+% full (it leaked during shipping, so I think it would be best to ship it after decanting into a more secure bottle, but I'm not taking responsibility if it leaks more), with bulb sprayer, fancy box, and outer box: $270.
Creed Original Chevrefeuille, around 63% of 75 ml, no cap: $255.
April 2010 (batch 0DAA) YSL La Nuit de l'Homme, 100 ml, cap is from L'Homme, no box: $495.
Patou Pour Homme (vintage), 90 ml spray that's around 75% full, with cap: $390.
Stardust for Men (2001) spray, still in sealed box (100 ml): $59.
L'Instant Extreme, 75 ml, 90% full, with cap (not the first bottle design): $80.
Tea for Two "vintage" (second bottle design), 95+% of 100 ml, with cap: $155.
Magie Noire EdT, second bottle design with cap/box, 50 ml, sprayed a few times only: $95.
Turquoise by Olivier Durbano, 99% of 100 ml, with cap: $145.
Azzaro Pour Homme vintage 50 ml with cap, only sprayed a few times: $55.


Vol de Nuit EdT spray, 95% of 3 ounces in gold canister (about 10 years old).
Mark Birley by Charles Street 4.2 oz EdP with cap and about 2.8 oz remaining (could be unisex!).

1.The first Victoria's Secret scent, 50 ml with box/cap, missing 3 sprays.

2. Turquoise by Olivier Durbano, (100 ml, 99+%, with cap)

3. Oriental Lounge by TDC, less than 1 ml missing from 50 ml bottle (no cap/box).

4. Agrumi Amari di Sicilia by Bois 1920 (unisex), a bit more than half of 100 ml, no cap/box.

5. Stash by SJP, 50 ml EdP Elixir with cap, missing two sprays, with new black Stash handbag if you want it (still in original plastic wrap).

6. Mitsouko, newer formulation EdT (with tree moss), 3 ounce with cap/box (99+%).

7. 1 ounce vintage Givenchy III EdP spray.

8. Armani, the first release ("feminine), from 1982, 80% of 50 ml spray, no box.

9. Escale a Portofino by Dior, half of 125 ml with cap.

10. Voyage d'Hermes Parfum, 100 ml missing a few sprays, no box.

11. 1001 Nights/Alf Laila O Laila by Ajmal 2 ounce EdP spray with cap, missing 8 ml.

12. Calligraphy Rose, sealed in the box, 100 ml.

13. Jo Malone lot (80% of 30 ml Assam & Grapfruit; English Pear & Fressia, about 25% of an ounce, Orange Blossom; .3 oz. spray with cap, sprayed once; four official spray samples, including Grapefruit Cologne and Vanilla & Anise). I’d prefer to swap all these as a lot.

14. Kenzo Eau De Fleur de The, 50 ml, missing 2 sprays, with cap/box.

15. Montelena by YOSH, 95% of 1 ounce with cap.
Jil Sander Man (2007), 99% of 50 ml, with cap/box.
Angel Aqua Chic Light EdT, 50 ml, never used.
Magie Noire, second bottle design with cap/box, 50 ml spray, 99%.
Pharmacia's Miele Ambre EdP, sold through Anthropolgie (notes: "Miel Ambre: a warm blend of peach blossom, honey and sueded amber (SPICE)"), 1 ounce missing a few sprays, with cap.
Dream at Dusk, from Illume's Momentary Escape series (sold through Anthropologie) EdP, 50 ml with cap, missing a few sprays (notes are: "Dream at Dusk: a romantic blend of French lavender, tobacco leaves, beech wood and vanilla musk").
Voyage d'Hermes Parfum, 100 ml, sprayed about 5 times, no box.
Vintage/second bottle design Azzaro Pour Homme, 50 ml spray with cap, missing two sprays.
Creed's Original Chevrefueille, around 65% of 75 ml (no cap/box).
Prince 3121, 100 ml, no cap/plain box, more than 90% of 100 ml.
Les Fleurs de Provence Rose by Moliard, 95+% of 100 ml, "vintage" blue bottle (no cap/box).
Aramis Gentleman, 3.7 oz., with cap, plain box.
Pure Custo for Women, 100 ml, missing 1 spray, with cap and "jacket."
Byblos Man (2006), 100 ml sprayed once (tester box and cap, which are much higher quality than usual).
125 ml Fraicheur Vegetale Cedre Bleu EdC by Yves Rocher, about 95% full (no cap/box).

Black Vanilla Absolute by Perry Ellis, 100 ml sealed/new in the retail box.

50 ml Shalimar EdT (newer formulation) spray, missing 3 sprays, no box.

Vetiver Essence by Ferrari, no cap/box, missing 5 sprays.

Gucci Pour Homme (1976) spray, about 50 ml remain.

Coeur de Vetiver Sacre by L`Artisan, 95% of 50 ml with cap.

Guerlain Homme Intense, 99% of 50 ml with cap.

vintage Bowling Green (2 oz or 4 oz, I don't need both)

Escada Pour Homme, 40 ml with cap, 99% full.

Michael for Men by Kors (half of 125 ml), early formulation of the first release!

Oud & Rose by Lanvin, new/sealed in the retail box, 50 ml.

Coriolan by Guerlain, 100 ml spray , 98% or so full, with cap.

Boucheron Pour Homme EdP (vintage/first formulation!), I'd say at least 95% of original 100 ml.
Vintage Pasha by Cartier (I think it's the second bottle design, made by Cartier, not P&G or some other company), about 3/4 of 100 ml, no cap/box.
Donna Karan Gold EdP, 100 ml (99% full) with cap.
Montana Parfum d'Homme ("red box"), 80% of 125 ml, with cap (no box).
Globe by Rochas, 50 ml with cap, sprayed once.
Vintage Tabarome by Creed (I can make up to a 1 ml sample).
Clint by Avon in vintage bottle with box, 5 ounces new old stock (leathery citrus; I prefer this one to Dior's Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir).
Z-14 by Halston, 80+% of 75 ml spray cologne with cap (this is the early version, not the "cinnamon monster" one).

1.5 oz Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur, either Tsumura or Aladdin (don't need both, you choose).

Iquitos by Alain Delon, about half of 100 ml with cap.

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme ("vintage"), about 100 ml remains.
Eau de Paco by Paco Rabanne, only sprayed a couple times (100 ml).
Nicole Miller for Men, 75 ml, vintage Rivera Concepts or recent.

Ambre Gris by Balmain, 99% of 100 ml with gold "disco ball" cap.

vintage Spicebomb, 3 ounce, 95+% full (with tab, no box).

Stardust for Men (2001), EdT spray. sealed in retail box, 100 ml

(similar to GIT but with boozy note and an earthier drydown; read about

it at Basenotes).

Dior Homme (the first reformulation, 2011 batch code), 99% of 100 ml, with cap.

Tabac Blond, new version EdP, 99% of 50 ml with cap.

vintage/Lancaster Cool Water, about 70% of 125 ml, no cap/box.

LP No. 9 for Men by Penhaligon's: 50 ml, 98-99%, with cap/box/brochure.

100 ml Potion EdT by D Squared, 99% full with cap.

100 ml Potion Royal Black by D Squared, 99% full with cap/box.

Juniper Sling, about 95% of 100 ml with cap/box.

154 Cologne by Jo Malone, 99% of 100 ml with cap.

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme, 95+% of 100 ml with cap.

first formulation Rochas Man aftershave, with box, 4 oz., only decanted a tiny drop to make sure it was fine.

2 oz. new Aramis Modern Leather EdP with cap/box.

Armaf's Craze (similar to Pegasus, supposedly), 95+% of 100 ml, with cap.

Sexual Sugar Daddy by Germain, 75 ml with cap, sprayed once.

Chaleur d'Animale, 50 ml, men's EdT or women's EdP, both nearly full with caps.

Swiss Army Rock, 100 ml missing 3 sprays.

Wild Forest by Armand Basi, 3 oz. missing 2 sprays, with wood cap, plain box.

Lolita Lempicka in EdT formulation, 99% of 100 ml.

Peace, Love and Juicy Couture, 99% of 50 ml.

Cafe Green Women (50 ml).

100 ml Beyonce Heat.

One Man Show Oud edition, 100 ml missing two sprays.

Police Gold Wings, NIB/Sealed 50 ml (I call it "A*Men Pure Absinthe).

Villain Men by Ed Hardy, "vintage," 125 ml, missing just a few sprays.

vintage/first formulation Egoiste Platinum, never used 1 ounce splash EdT.

vintage Chaps (different size bottles or decant).

New 4 ml Stash vial by SJP with new SJP clutch/purse.

JF by Floris, about 3/4 of 100 ml, no cap/box.

vintage (second formulation) Versace L'Homme, 50 ml EdT, spray bottle.

vintage Zino by Davidoff, 99% of 75 ml EdT with cap.

First formulation Joop! Homme, about 90% of 75 ml spray.

Jardin des Nymphes by Yves Rocher (more than 80%, probably closer to 90% of 75 ml), with cap.

Tova Signature and Signature Summer, as one unit, in retail box together with caps (99+%).

Carlo Corinto Rouge, 50 ml "vintage," 99%.

1 ounce new Bentley Intense.

Midnight in Paris EdT, 99% of 75 ml with cap.

Club de Nuit Intense for Men by Armaf, about 95% full, missing the trappings.

Trussardi Donna, vintage, about 80% of 100 ml.

vintage Anna Sui 100 ml EdT bottle with cap, about 3/4 full.

vintage Opium for Women EdT spray, about 45 ml remain, with cap

Blenheim Bouquet, 100 ml, 99% with cap.

Jazz by YSL, second bottle design, 100 ml with cap/box.

Le Male Terrible, 99% of 75 ml with tab, no box.

Fancy Nights by Simpson, 1 ounce tester never used.

Joop! Go, about 5.6 ounces remaining, with cap/box.

Joop! Jump, about 5.6 ounces remaining, with cap/box.

In New York by VC&A, with cap, around 115 of 125 ml, or more.

vintage Red for Men by GBH, 98% of 50 ml, with cap.

L'Eau d'Issey Pure EdP, Malachite by Banana Republic, DKNY Red Delicious Charmingly Delicious (125 ml), True Religion for Women (2008), Lolita Lempicka in EdT formulation, Donna Karan Gold, Peace, Love and Juicy Couture, 50 ml.

DECANTS (all are "vintage" except for the Creed, and they are EdT unless specified otherwise):

Leather Oud by Dior

Knize Ten (EdC)

Gucci Pour Homme (2003)

Kouros ("chrome shoulders" bottle or new one, your choice)


Red for Men and Giorgio for Men by Giorgio of Beverly Hills

Lagerfeld Cologne and KL Lagerfeld Men

Caron Pour un Homme (1960s)

Boss Cologne (before it was called Number One)

Ungaro (1979 EdT "feminine")

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren (I might be willing to swap the bottle)

Yatagan (about 8 years old, before the latest formulation most people seem to hate)

Jaguar for Men (original "wood cap" version)

Halston 1-12, Z-14, and Limited

Romeo Gigli Uomo (1991)



Before proceeding, note that this is a "messy" page, and some information might be inaccurate. Just send me your swap list (or link to it) and tell me what you want (if you are in the USA) and I'll get back to you, usually within 24 hours. My policy is that I wait for your package to arrive before sending mine (I had over 100 at MUA too - I have a screen capture before they shut it down). I always use tracking numbers and pack super-securely. Insurance is possible, just ask (I usually won't do it for a "cheap" swap). I'll take a picture of the actual bottle you would be getting if it's not a "cheapo." I don't have a specific want list because I'm interested in just about everything (mens/womens/unisex/vintage/recent designer/niche), and swaps for multiples are fine (in either direction). I tend to like gourmands, orientals, leathers, animalics, incense, powdery, but don't like fresh, aquatic, fruity, super-floral, or anything too "feminine" (I dislike tuberose so if I can detect it I don't want the scent). Don't be afraid to negotiate - all anyone can say is "no." Thanks!

The ones listed before the double lines are the ones you should look at. When I have time I'll edit the ones below that, because many were already swapped off (the numbered ones were for another site and that doesn't mean anything one way or the other here):

Super-rare Woods of the Isles by Chanel (vintage EdC, same as Bois des Iles), pic link listed at bottom, around 95% of 2 ounces.

1. 75% of 100 ml Baladin by Parfums de Nicolai, with cap and box.
2. Turquoise by Olivier Durbano, (100 ml sprayed once, with cap)
3. 90% of 50 ml Tobacco Vanille, no cap/box (2015 batch).
4. vintage/first formulation Egoiste Platinum, never used 1 ounce splash EdT or newer spray bottle with around 30 ml remaining
5. Vol de Nuit EdT spray, 95% of 3 ounces in gold canister (about 10 years old).
6. Mitsouko, newer formulation EdT (with tree moss), 3 ounce with cap/box (99+%).
7. Vintage 75 ml Pino Silvestre, 98-99% full, no box.
8. Infusion d'Iris L'Eau d'Iris by Prada, 100 ml with cap, sprayed once.
9. Bleu de Chanel EdP, 100 ml with cap and box (99+%).
10. Angel Aqua Chic Light EdT, 50 ml, never used.
11. Tova Signature and Signature Summer, as one unit, in retail box together with caps (99+%).
12. vintage Opium for Women EdT spray, about 45 ml remain, with cap
13. Jo Malone lot (80% of 30 ml Assam & Grapfruit, English Pear & Fressia, about 25% of an ounce, Orange Blossom, .3 oz. spray with cap, sprayed once; four official spray samples, including Grapefruit Cologne and Vanilla & Anise). I’d prefer to swap all these as a lot.
14. Stardust for Men (2001), EdT spray. sealed in retail box, 100 ml (similar to GIT but with boozy note and an earthier drydown; read about it at Basenotes).
15. Calligraphy Rose, 100 ml spray, sealed in retail box.

Gucci Pour Homme (2003), 1/4 ounce decant.
JF by Floris, about 3/4 of 100 ml, no cap/box.
First formulation Joop! Homme, about 90% of 75 ml spray.
tin can Rive Gauche Pour Homme, 100 ml with cap/box, sprayed once.
Blenheim Bouquet, 100 ml, 99% with cap.
LP No. 9 for Men, 99% of 50 ml with cap/box.
PENDING: Je Suis un Homme by ELdO, 50 ml, 99% with cap/box.
vintage/pre-2000 Trussardi Uomo, 100 ml around
65% full, with cap.
KL Homme, I can do half ounce decants of this one.
CK Shock for Men, "Vintage:" batch code is F3 6006470253 (June, 2013); this is just too strong for me, The liquid level comes up to about the top of the "c" in "ck" (100 ml bottle).
Montale's Aromatic Lime, 100 ml with clip and bag, less than 1 ml used.
Decants of Chanel Pour Monsieur Cologne (this is the original USA release), up to an ounce (top notes seem faded).
Oriental Lounge by TDC, 50 ml, sprayed once, no cap.
YSL's L'Homme, "vintage," 95% of 100 ml with cap.
100 ml Vent de Folie by Annick Goutal (has outer cap and tag but missing spray cap)
1 ounce new but vintage Magie EdC, in box (not Magie Noire).
Blonde by Versace, 98% of 100 ml with cap.
1 ounce Givenchy III EdP.

95% or so 100 ml Ferre EdP (the one that's like a black ball)

75 ml Courvoisier EdT

75 ml Picasso (the blue triangle with sculpture cap, 90% or more).

50 ml Shalimar Light EdT

50 ml Cool Buchu and Bracing Silver Birch by Molton Brown, 99% each (will swap separately).

100 ml Caron Cologne (vintage/rare).
Cabaret for Men by Gres, 99% of 100 ml; no cap/box.
Rance 2, 75 ml, sprayed once.

Baryshnikov Sport, new 50 ml.
100 ml Stardust for Men (2001) or decant up to half an ounce (see picture below).
Rochas Globe, 50 ml, sprayed once.
Carlo Corinto Rouge, 95% or more of 100 ml.
Cool Water, new 75 ml, no cap.
Bvlgari Green Tea Extreme, 95% of 100 ml.
Eaux de Caron Forte, 100 ml with cap/box, sprayed once.
vintage Michael for Men (Kors), more than half of 125 ml with cap.
Equipage (second bottle design), more than half of 100 ml, with cap, or decant of vintage/first formulation, up to 8 ml..
Vintage Cabochard EdT, 2 ounce splash, new.
So New York by Bond No. 9, 70% of 100 ml with cap.
Knize Ten decant 5 ml or less (vintage EdC formulation).
Good Life Davidoff Men, up to 1 ounce decant.
Baryshnikov Sport, new 50 ml.
Kanvas The Briskers (super rare vintage item), 90% of 50 ml with cap.
Immense for Men, 50 ml, 99%, no box/cap.
100 ml Narsico Rodriquez for Men hair gel, never used.
Shine by Heidi Klum, 50 ml sprayed once, with cap.
Black Sun by Dali, 99% of 100 ml, no box/cap.
Green Jeans by Versace, about 1 ounce remains, with cap.
Jaipur Homme EdP first formulation, 75% of 50 ml with cap.
vintage Vermeil, of 100 ml, no box.
Legend by Mont Blanc, 50 ml, 99% full with cap.
Acqua Essenziale by Salvatore Ferragamo, 100 ml sprayed once;
"Vintage/CK Cosmetics" Obsession for Men Cologne (4 ounce splash; I took out a tiny drop to see if it was okay and I'll include the pipette I used).
Quartz for Men by Molyneux with cap, 98% of 100 ml.
Captain by Molyneux with cap, new 75 ml (newer formulation).
Carlo Corino Vetyver, up to 1 ounce decant.
Vintage Amazing Grace EdP, 95% of 4 oz. with cap.
D&G Pour Homme (German formulation)
Havana, 100 ml, new version.
vintage Herbal 900 by Aramis, never used 1.5 ounce splash
vintage Herbal 900 mini bottle, new quarter ounce
Kouros, 50 ml "chrome shoulders" spray
L Feu d'Issey new official samples (1.2 ml each)
Vintage Canoe 1.5 ounce, new in box.
Vintage Adidas Moves, 50 ml with cap, 99% full:
Vintage (by MEM) 4 ounce English Leather Cologne.
Geisha Aroma M Harunka (green tea) 70% of 50 ml
Vera Wang for men, 65% of 100 m with cap
Royal Copenhagen colgone, 2.5 ounce spray
vintage Chaps by RL
Escale a Portofino by Dior, over half of 125 ml with cap,
50 ml new but vintage Worth Pour Homme Haute Concentree
50 ml Royal Secret Men, sprayed once.
Star USA by Varvatos, 99% of 100 ml.
Encounter by CK, 95% of 100 ml.
Swiss Army Altitude, 95% of 100 ml.
Magnet Men by Eclectic Collections, 99% of 100 ml.
Micallef #31 Man, 75% of 100 ml.
Rochas Man, 50 ml sprayed once.
Vintage Vermeil, 100 ml, 99%.
100 ml Wings Men by GBH, 95% full.
New 50 ml Carven Homme sealed in the package.
Vintage Caron Pour un Homme (circa 1960) decants (up to half an ounce).
Vintage/Cosmair Polo decants (up to half an ounce).
Ed Hardy Villain Man, 125 ml sprayed once.
Performance by Jaguar, 90% or so of 100 ml.
Untamed by Stetson, new 50 ml spray cologne.
50 ml Cordovan by Banana Republic, 95%.
Hollywood for Men by Hayman , new 50 ml (very interesting scent!).
David Beckham Classic Man, 99% of 2 oz.
OP Juice Men (has a vetiver type note with non-sweet fruitiness).
40 ml Bill Blass Man, 95%.
Lacoste Challenge, 99% of 75 ml aftershave spray (very strong, more like EdT), with cap.
Aramis, 2 oz., 95%.
1 ounce new Roots Spirit Men.
50 ml Chaleur d'Animale Man.
vintage 50 ml A*Men, 95%, damaged rubber flask.
1 oz new but vintage Set Sail Saint Barts Man.
1 oz new Bentley Intense Man.
up to half an ounce decant of super-rare first formulation Ungaro III.
100 ml vintage Drakkar Noir splash, about 80% full (I used it to make decants).
Guess Man (2006), 95% of 75 ml.
vintage 2 ounce Grey Flannel aftershave (at least as strong as a cologne).
KISS Him, new 50 ml.
Horizon by Guy Larouche, new 50 ml.
Pino Silvestre, 40 ml with 37 ml remaining.
up to half an ounce decant of vintage Jacomo de Jacomo.
Burberry Men (1995), 98% of 50 ml.
Everlast Original 1910, new 50 ml.
Donald Trump The Fragrance (50 ml, 95%).
CK Euphoria Men, 90% of 50 ml.
Oscar Pour Lui, 98% of 50 ml.
Oscar Man (fresh woody), 95% of 100 ml.
Heir by Hilton, NIB one ounce.
Immense Man, 99% of 50 ml.
Montana Parfum d'Homme ("red box"), 75% of 125 ml.
New VIP by Usher, 1 ounce.
Perry Man, 95% of 100 ml.
B. United Man by Benetton, 70% of 100 ml.
New 75 ml Cool Water for Men aftershave (part of a gift set and I only used the EdT).
Centaure Casaque (Blue) by Cardin, NIB 24 ml (nice sandalwood note in this one).
up to half an ounce decant of niche unisex scent Mare Cologne by CUBT.
Quartz Man by Molyneux, 98% of 100 ml.
Halston Z, 90% of 125 ml spray.
Adidas Victory League, NIB 100 ml.
Duc de Vervins, 100 ml
vintage Drakkar Noir
vintage Replique (circa 1950s!)
vintage Niki de Saint Phalle (1 oz.)
vintage Jordache for Women
vintage Jovan for Women
vintage Sung Women (unused in collectible 50 ml splash bottle!)
Evolution by Jaguar, 100 ml.
Cassini for Men, half of 100 ml.
vintage Tommy Bahama Cologne, about 75-80% of 100 ml, Preferred Stock (light a like version of vintage Red for Men by GBH), sprayed once 50 ml, no cap/box.
Halston Z-14, 2.5 ounce sprayed once with cap, no box.
Cereus #4 and $7, 2.5 ounces each, sprayed once (no box/cap)
460 Park by Peter Thomas Roth, 98% of 50 ml with cap and box.
NIB 3 ounce Jovan Oud Intense
Ysatis, half of 50 ml spray, no cap or box
Pure Vetiver by Azzaro, 90% of 2.5 ounces with cap
Henry Cotton in Green, 80-82% of 125 ml, with cap.
Lacoste Pour Homme, half of 100 ml.
FCUK Him, 95% of 100 ml
D&G Anthology #10 (unisex), 95% of 100 ml
Romance Men EdT (20% of 50 ml) + new 2.5 ounce deodorant (swapping as a set).
Boss #1, 99% of 125 ml.
Yardley Citrus & Wood, 50 ml.
Royal Secret, 50 ml..
Hollywood by Hayman, 50 ml.
Christian Audigier for Men, 100 ml.
Obsession Night, 75 ml.
Dunhill Red, 50 ml.
Morgan de Toi Homme, 100 ml.
Euphoria, 90 % of 50 ml.
Casear's World Man (3+ ounces)
Burberry London (not the one in the plaid cloth bottle), 50 ml.
Deauville by Germain, 75 ml.
Excited by Lapidus, 90% of 100 ml.
Perry Ellis (vintage 1985), 100 ml.
Mambo Men, 100 ml.
Wings for Men by GBH, 100 ml.
Green Jeans, about an ounce remains.
Ungaro III, vintage first formulation! quarter ounce decant.
early formulation Dana English Leather, new 100 ml cologne and/or new 50 ml A/S
Baryshnikov Sport, 50 ml.
IL by Lancetti (rare/vintage), 100 ml.
vintage Red for Men, 50 ml.
vintage Giorgio of Beverly Hills, 4 ounces.
Donald Trump original, 50 ml.
Crave by CK, 70% of 75 ml.
Horizon, 50 ml.
Challenge by Lacoste
The One Gentleman, half of 100 ml.
Roots Spirit, 1 ounce.
KISS Him, 50 ml.
Perry Man, 95% of 100 ml.
CItytower by Bogart, 70% of 100 ml.
Friends by Moschino, 125 ml.
Unforgivable by Sean John, about half of 2.5 ounce
Nicole Miller for Men, vintage 75 ml.
Everlast Original 1910, 50 ml.
Diesel Zero Plus au Masculin (new 75 ml)
Bijan for Men (2.5 ounces)
Moss by Zents (1 ounce, niche)
Centaure Casaque (Blue) by Cardin, 24 ml
vintage Grey Flannel aftershave, new 2 ounce splash.
several new ("drug store") aftershaves, including an Old Spice gift set).
X-Centric, 90% of 100 ml, no box.
DKNY So Delicious Picnic in the Park, 90% of 100 ml, with cap.
Attimo, 2 oz with cap sprayed once.
Unbreakable, sprayed once, 100 ml with cap.
Pi, vintage formulation, 95% or more 50 ml with box.
Playboy VIP for Him, sprayed once 100 ml with cap.

Decants (8 ml):

Kouros Eau de Sport (1986)
Equipage (vintage EdT)
Mare Cologne by CUBT (niche)
vintage Caron Pour un Homme
vintage Polo
Eau de Cartier
vintage Jacomo de Jacomo

The following is the content of my old list, so that likely contains errors, and I suggest you just ignore it (I hope to get around to editing it one of these days):

If you want to swap samples, please click on the Crystal Flacon link at the bottom of this post, which will take you to my samples and decants page. PLEASE READ MY POLICIES BEFORE CONTACTING ME. SEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE CONTACTED ME ABOUT A SWAP, ONLY TO BE UNWILLING TO SEND THEIR BOTTLE FIRST, DESPITE MY EXPLICIT POLICY ON THIS POINT (if you have about the same feedback, only then will I ship at the same time). I use a DC# on my packages, so you will be able to track the package, and I pack very securely.

No international swapping at this time, as it's become too much of a hassle.

I am also willing to sell, so the only difference is that if a swap is not possible for some reason, I will likely sell the fragrance for around 75-80% of the lowest "real" price online. That means if there are a bunch of bottles on ebay, for instance, and if the prices vary between $50 and $65, I would sell for around 75 to 80% of $50, plus actual shipping costs. However, if there is one listed for 99 cents that eventually sells for $20, while the others are all listed at $50 and up, I will not include that one (sometimes a person is just looking to get rid of the bottle and doesn't care about the prices). The price to be discounted will be determined solely by me, but I am more than willing to explain why I came to the estimate. All you need to do is ask.

NOTE: Some of the fragrances shown are no longer available, but because there are several fragrances pictured, I need to keep the picture here. If it is gone, however, it will not be listed below. So, for example, Musc Ravageur and PdN's New York are gone. Also, when I state "see pic," that means you should look at the picture to see about how much liquid remains.

Please include your zip code so I can figure shipping costs. About shipping: I use cardboard boxes, not padded envelopes, and I wrap the item in bubblewrap, and it is then surrounded by styrofoam "peanuts." If we swap, I expect you will pack well also. I only swap if a delivery confirmation number is used by both swappers. If you get your label at, this number is included, free of charge. If you don't live in the same zone, shipping can get quite expensive if the package is over one pound, so it's a good idea to see if you can pack it well, but light. Some 100 ml bottles are heavy, but I've always been able to pack them well and get them in at one pound or a bit less, as some cardboard boxes weigh a bit less than others. If you have more feedback than me, I'll ship first, and vice versa (unless it's very close), but the person sending second must use a delivery confirmation number (and if I ship first, I will also use it).

What I'm looking for: vintage and niche, men's, unisex. or possibly women's, mainly.

If you seek mini bottles, PM me and ask me for a full list. I definitely have Xeryus, Xeryus Rouge, Jaipur EdT, Givenchy Gentleman (because I have more than one of each).

1/4 ounce size (or I can possibly make up a sample or decant), glass spray bottle with cap (no box):

L'Instant Homme EdT
M7 by YSL
Vintage Old Spice Lime (1960s)
Woodhue Cologne (vintage; from what I understand, the men's and women's version were exactly the same)
Joop! Jump
Lauder for Men
Obsession Night for Men
Boss Cologne (before it became Boss #1)
KL Homme
Eau du Badian by L'Occitane
Lagerfeld Cologne (before it became Classic Lagerfeld)
Michael for Men
Safari by Ralph Lauren
Monogram by Ralph Lauren
Montana Parfum d'Homme ("red box")
Polo Modern Reserve
Puman Man of 2002 (similar to Safari for Men, except that juniper replaces eucalyptus)
Baladin by PdN
Versace L'Homme (vintage)
Red for Men by Giorgio of Beverly Hills (new formulation)
Magnetism for Men
Night Spice
Pheromone for Men by Miglin
Duc de Vervins EdT
Eau de Cartier
Etiquette Bleu by D'Orsay
Polo Double Black
Celine Fever
Patchouli Plaisir by Molinard
Colours for Men by Alexander Julian
Mark Birley for Men
Havana (new one, up to 10 ml)
Vintage Emeraude (vintage 1960s Parfum de Toilette)
Old Spice Lime A/S (not Fresh Lime, this is the older and much rarer one; still smells great)
Jaipur Homme EdP
Jack Black Silver Mark
Vintage Nicole Miller for Men (this is the Rivera Concepts, Toronto, Canada formulation)
Paul Smith London for Men
Gendarme V
Jordache Man (vintage 1983)
Cumming the Fragraance
Vetiver de Puig
Lapidus Pour Homme
Vetiver de Puig
Ciel Mon Jardin!
Bobby Jones Cologne
Vintage Azzaro Pour Homme
M: Men
IL by Lancetti
Michael for Men (Kors)
Ungaro II
Ricci Club
Marc Jacobs for Men
Chaps (vintage)
Leonard Pour Homme (vintage)
Nino Cerruti Pour Homme (vintage 1979)
Enrico Sebastiano Fine Cologne
Quorum (vintage)
One Man Show
Pino Silvestre
Allure Sensuelle EdP
Roccabarocca EdP
Primitif by Max Factor (vintage)

Men's Bottles (100 ml, at least 95% full, with cap - if it comes with a cap - and box, unless stated otherwise):

Tommy T Cologne, 3.4 Oz., 75% full, with cap.
Vintage Red for Men by GBH (new half ounce splash, no box)
LACOSTE EAU DE SPORT 3.4 FL Oz., 1994 version, 50% full.
LACOSTE ELEGANCE 1.6 FL OZ 93-95%, with cap & box.
Dunhill Desire Man ("red," 43-44 ml remain, with cap & box)
Eau de Cartier, 100 ml, nearly full.
Dolce and Gabbana Masculine, 3.4 oz, about 70% full.
Azzaro Silver/Black, about 90% of 100 ml, no cap/box.
Visit by Azzaro (95% of 1 oz with box)
Racing by Ferrari (98% of 1 oz, with cap & box; starts "fresh" with violet leaf then goes into woody oriental base)
Crave Calvin Klein., 3.4 oz., 70% full.
Earliest version Monsieur Rochas (see pic; 2 oz. bottle, just under 50% full)
Vintage Monsieur Lanvin Vetyver (3 ounce splash bottle, around 92-93% full, no box, see pic)
Swank edition of Royal Copenhagen (1 ounce, never used splash, in box; I took the wrapping off to see which version it was, but it's not been used)
Bijan for Men (75 ml bottle with cap, about 74 ml remain)
Tabaco Latino (100 ml NIB, similar to Tobacco Vanille but not as heavy)
Quorum (about 70% of 100 ml, cracked cap, no box)
2 ounce, 98% vintage A&F Spice Cologne (cap & box; super rare)
Nero Scuro by Sergio Soldano (100 ml, missing cap, box, and sprayer; see pic, non-original cap added)
Mesmerize for Men by Avon (50% of 100 ml, cap & box)
Donald Trump The Fragrance (50 ml, 98%, cap, no box, see pic).
Euphoria for Men (50 ml, cap, no box, see pic).
Nicole Miller for Men (75 ml, 83-85% full, no cap or box; new formulation)
Worth Pour Homme Haute Concentrate (new 50 ml splash in original sealed box)
Dirty English (50 ml, no cap or box, 99%)
Jacomo Rouge (50% of 100 ml bottle, with box & cap)
Azzaro Silver/Black (95% of 100, ml no cap or box)
Individuel by Mont Blanc (75 ml, cap & box, see photo for amount remaining)
Fahrenheit 32 (50 ml with cap, seems to be around 40 ml remaining)
Versace's Baby Blue Jeans (50 ml, 70%, no cap or box).
Histoire d'Eau by Mauboussin (2.5 oz., sealed in package; marketed for women but unisex suede).
Diesel Zero Plus for men (2.5 oz., never used, original packaging and white cardboard box).
Jaipur EdP 5 and 10 ml decants or the pack off twelve .04 oz. sample sprays, sealed in original plastic (see the picture below).
Sentiment for Men by Escada (100 ml bottle with cap; see photo for amount remaining)
Listen by Herb Alpert (about half of 50 ml, with cap & box)
Cuba Red (4.2 ounce about half full, with cap and cannister)
Adidas Victory League (new/never sprayed, but flimsy box is damaged)
U Ungaro for him (1.7 oz., 98%, no box)
Pub Colgone (very rare, about 2/3 of 5 ounce splash bottle, no box)
Witness (1.6 ounce, NIB; dab, not spray)
Mambo for Men gift set (48-49 ml of EdT, never used A/S & hair/body shampoo)
Chaleur d'Animale (sprayed five times/ 5 "pumps")
Samba Kiss Me men's (1.7 oz. NIB; dusty lime up top with woody oriental base)
Samba Heat Men (50 ml, 95%, cap & box)
Samba Nova (very close to Le Male, 100 ml 93-95%, cap & box)
Vintage Bijan for Men 1 oz deodorant, 1.7 oz hair & body shampoo, and 1.7 oz aftershave balm.
Jaipur Homme aftershave balm (.8 ounces never used)
Untamed by Stetson (cap & box, 1.5 ounces; sprayed a few times)
Jaipur mini (NIB, EDT version, .16 ounce)
Xeryus and Xeryus Rouge (new .13 oz. mini bottles)
Givenchy Gentleman (.1 oz. mini bottle)
Other mini bottles: Voyage d'Hermes, Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune, and L'eau par Kenzo.
Nicole Miller for men soap on a rope (4.7 ounce, still sealed in the original plastic)
New 8.4 ounce Pino Silvestre Shampoo/Body Wash.
Vintage Polynesian Jade set, all original(apparently a similar idea to Hai Karate and Jade East). It is from the 1960s or 1970s; 4 ounce after shave bottle never used. The soap is still sealed in the original plastic and was never used either. The cologne is almost gone; there is just a little remaining. The talc seems to be nearly full, and appears to have never been used. It has two tops, the inner one you turn so that the powder comes out of small holes and doesn't spill out. The box has some minor imperfections and some warping. It is from the Lander Company of New York. To see a large photo of the bottles and soap, go to

Women's items, some of which have a unisex quality:

Vintage Tabu circa 1960s (1.75 ounces, see first pic below, this is the "good stuff")
Vintage 1978 Adolfo by Adolfo Dominquez (with cap, no box, 59 ml bottle; see 2nd pic for amount)
Black Orchid Voile de Fleur EdT (about 95% of 50 ml, bottle weight a bit more than 6 ounces with cap, if that helps, no box)
Tabaco Latino (100 ml NIB, similar to Tobacco Vanille but not as heavy)
Comfort Scents/Clean Cotton by Avon (100 ml with cap, sprayed twice)
Vintage Emeraude decants (Parfum de Toilette, from the Imperial Decanter; pic below)
Ispahan by Yves Rocher (with cap, no box, 2.5 ounces, just sprayed twice)
DUO f or Women by Vuarnet (super rare, about 75% of 100 ml, with box; cap is built into the bottle)
DKNY Red Delicious (50 ml, no box, sprayed a few times, see pic)
Prada Original EdP (75 ml bottle with cap; see pic)
Charles Jourdan The Parfum (NIB, sealed 50 ml)
L'Air du Temps (80-85% of 50 ml, circa 1980 formulation, see pic)
DKNY Red Delicious (97-98% of 50 ml, no box)
VS Dream Angel's Heavenly (new .25 ounce spray with cap only)
Jean Nate (over half of 2.25 ounce CC spray, cap, no box)
Avon True Glow (1.7 ounces)
Maroc by Revson (approx. 1/16 ounce, had to break off sprayer because it was broken and put it in a new atomizer, but you can have the original cap)
White Linen mini (never used, with cap, .18 ounces)

Women's Samples or Minis:

White Linen
Ted Lapidus
Chanel No. 5 EdC (Vintage, 1960s)
Cuba Jungle Zebra
Gloria Vanderbilt
Shalimar EdC
Cardin de Pierre Cardin
Adren's Beauty
L'eau d'Issey
273 Indigo by Hayman
Rochas Femme
Gloria Vanderbilt original
Oscar de la Renta EdT
Lacoste's Dream of Pink
Jean Nate
Glow after Dark
Herrera's 212 Sexy
Devotion by Sabatini
Lapidus Pour Elle
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