How to tell differences between Oud oils? (Ahom oud)- Assam crown, vintage hindi, laos mountain bia, crassna wulong, manipur crown, oud tashi


New member
May 13, 2022
Hi All,

After a long time of contemplating, I took a plunge into the rabbit hole of pure ouds. I have ordered a sampler set of 6 from Ahom oud, but largely am not able to articulate what they smell like. Can you help me with some common parameters/industry standards/ to judge them? on say for example,



I intend to then rate(1-5) them all across these common parameters so I can understand them better by observing their differences and similarities.

Have you tried these and what are your thoughts on these oud oils? Would love to compare notes as I feel I am leaning towards very similar words to describe them and maybe not able to appreciate/understand their nuances/complexities. The Oils are (Assam crown, vintage hindi, laos mountain bia, crassna wulong, manipur crown, oud tashi)



Basenotes Junkie
May 12, 2019
I have not yet sampled from the brand but am somewhat familiar with them. There's no industry standard. It's like wine tasting. It's very subjective but over time and with experience you will have a better idea.

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