how to make candles from resins


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May 31, 2008

i would love to make some candles for gum resins. how would i need to dissolve these? i want to try benzoin, storax, frankincense and perhaps labdanum (haven't sniffed this one in pure form yet) and opoponax.

i am wondering if i can just melt these in heated wax, or not?
what kind of wax do i need to use? i think beeswax might be nice because beeswax smells great and it's subtle scent would probably easily mix with the resin smells.

are there any other points i need to think about? i have no experience with this whatsoever.

ps. please don't confuse this one with the other thread i just posted, that one is about making resin tinctures for alcohol based perfume.

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