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How is today's Estée Lauder Azurée?


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Nov 5, 2010
When the rain comes out, I also often feel like wearing leathers that warm up and go through. But it's still hot down here-so not quite yet for me. (And of course I've never though of Azuree as summery myself).


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Sep 14, 2016
While I can't compare today's Azurée with previous formulations I can say that as a guy, I was completely blown away by it. Wore it myself despite it being feminine leaning and reluctantly gave the bottle to my mother who wore it non-stop until the bottle was finished.

One of the best mature feminine leaning scents imho. I enjoy it more than Mitsuko.


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Jul 16, 2004
Wearing the current Azurée today, on the first rainy, blustery and cold day of the season here, and it's perfect. My initial impressions were that it's a summery chypre, but now I think it's actually more suited to transitional weather. It's giving me forest floor, woods, moss, and leather, with a bitter herbal haze. Very strong - the one spray I put on almost feels like too much. I can't imagine what a bomb the vintage Azurée must have been. All I know is this new version is a bulls-eye, and I might need to get a backup bottle, which I never do.

Backup bottle sounds like a plan. I slowed down wearing Azurée because I went through half a bottle in a week and realized I'd need to get more if I wanted to adopt it more long term. From here it's only available on line. I prefer buying locally if possible and haven't come to terms yet with a satisfactory supply strategy.


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Jun 10, 2012
I love this perfume. Got a generous sample in 2015 thanks to cacio!

I'm one of those who finds it summery, though it can be worn in all seasons. Not saying it smells summery, but it's something I'd wear in the summers.

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