How Common Are "Common" Frags?

Feb 24, 2016
Some history:

I've worked in the service industry now for a good 4-5 years. I've worked as a bartender in bars ranging from your local dive bar to some really big clubs, all in NYC.

That being said, I often see frags here mentioned as being too "common"; I rarely ever smell a guys frag, and most woman have those weird fruity frags. It may be an artifact of the fact that I work in a bar where smells are often muddled, but I have never smelled Terre d'Heremes, GIT, Aventus, or even Acqua di Gio on anyone. I get Coolwater or Paco Rabanne or AF Fierce most consistently (read 90% of the time).

Is it just me?


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Jul 20, 2015
I would agree that people can exaggerate how common a fragrance is, but it's personal perspective. Maybe the poster saying that knows two people who own a fragrance and feels it's way too common.

Passing through New York City, I did smell D&G the One on someone who walked right next to me, and it accelerated my getting tired of it.

When I wear fragrances to a bar, I'm pretty sure the bartenders never pick it up - I don't put on enough.


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Jan 28, 2015
IMO, common fragrances are based upon the location/area. Like here in Dubai, while visiting shopping centers, you will smell "Oud, Amber and woody smoke" based fragrances very commonly. So, I think it depends upon the location where some fragrances are common than other areas.
Sometimes, "common" term is used for "popular, easily available to everyone" IMO.


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Jan 2, 2011
To answer your point directly, I generally don't trust Basenoters (including myself) on the subject of the fragrance preferences of the masses. As enthusiasts, we have a different perspective...and as you indicated, just because a fragrance is popular here, that doesn't mean it's as popular out there.

Having said that, there are a few fragrances I smell a lot. I smell Black Orchid on men and women all over London. I smell Coco Mademoiselle less than I did a couple of years ago, but it's still there. I can barely leave the house without smelling One Million at some point in my travels. There's another women's fragrance, possibly one of the Narciso Rodriguez ones - it's a harsh synthetic musk - that also seems to be on any woman next to me on the bus or the line at the post office. And then here are many others that I can't name yet but seem to be pretty popular.


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Jan 21, 2006
Where I live, ADG, Amen, Eau d`Issey, possibly also Le Male, Fahrenheit, M7 when it was still in production are/were among the easiest, likeliest and most commonly sensed, both in public and also in more informal and/or less crowded gatherings


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Oct 25, 2007
In the larger picture, not that common at least for me. I come in contact with people from all over the world regularly and rarely smell the same fragrance on a daily basis.


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Sep 13, 2015
Where I live, people are fond of 1 Million, 212 Sexy (which is the current trend and I've smelled it thousands of times), sometimes ADG and Eternity, and if one wants to be different - Armani Code.


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Jun 21, 2014
As far as men are concerned, in Lansing, Michigan, I rarely smell anything other than Axe. But when I do, it's usually the same two smells: aquatic and sweet, woody. How many people are actually wearing AdG or 1 Million when I smell those two accords? Probably relatively few, I honestly have no idea. Common is a relative term though. Maybe 1 out of every 20 men actually wear fragrance, but I know exactly what to wear if I want to smell like those men, and it's AdG or 1 Million.

Women, on the other hand, often surprise me with a relatively wide variety of fragrances. Surprise being the key word. As often as I smell something nice and interesting on a woman, I smell 3 others that are probably Flowerbomb or Light Blue.


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Oct 10, 2006
and most woman have those weird fruity frags.


Yeah those are the common ones for women.

I always smell gourmands on women here in the US, in other countries I get a wider variety of scents, but most often Coco Mademoiselle. For men where I am, I do smell a wider variety (everything from Aqua di Gio to Chergui and Carnal Flower), but less often.


Aug 1, 2015
I live in Costa Rica and it is very very rare to smell fragrance on a man in here... A guess of mine would be that probably 95% of men at bars, malls, dancing clubs, random people on the street are not wearing any perfume at all, and if they are, it´s unperceptible or kind of Axe deodorant sprays or things like that... However I get ocassional soft fresh scents from some ala Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction Jesus del Pozo Halloween and those types...

Some men´s perfumes that I´ve been able to identify on strangers (but again very very few times) are: Allure Homme Sport (1 time), Bleu (1 time), Le Male (2 time) 212 Men (around 15 times), ADG (around 5 times), L eau d issey (around 10 times), Old spice and Brutt (many on older gentlemen), Eternity (around 6 times)... I think that only those...

On women, probably 90% or more at bars, malls, dancing club etc, usually wear the Victoriás Secret and Bath and... type of splashes... When they have a stronger scent on them, it´s usually a fruity, semi sweet-fresh kind ala Britney Spears Fantasy etc...

The usual suspect on the perfume wearers (but again uncommon) is Light Blue pour femme (around 50+ times and it always smells good), Coco Mademoiselle (2 times), Halloween (around 10 times) and many many many times a "Chanel 5" clone or something similar, without being N5... (usually on older women)...
Feb 24, 2016
I agree that it totally depends on where on is from. Some cultures seem to have wearing cologne/frags as more of a normal thing. At least in America, I've noticed few people wearing cologne, and even then it is usually the aquatic-ozone duo. When I was in Dubai though, I smelled lots of Oud and Sandalwood; I was later told by a friend who lives in the UAE that he was surprised at how little frags Americans wear, and at how popular aquatic clean types were.


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Sep 13, 2010
It's just you.
I was in Bangkok for a week last week.
I smelled the popular ones & niche.
But obviously more of the popular ones.


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Feb 24, 2016
Lots of Creed, Acqua Di Parmas, Clive Christians, and for girls Chanel #5. And im from Downtown Vancouver Canada. Lots of rich people. But in my school, lots of cheapies like Bleu De Chanel and Allure Homme, but sometimes which is quite rare, is Prade Luna Rossa Extreme, or just the normal Luna Rossa.

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