Hi everyone New To Basenotes but not the fragrance Community.

Jan 9, 2022
Hey everyone been a long time fragrance lover over 8 years now.
I am in many groups and communities but never joined basenote so decided to join now.

Love Creed/MFK/Roja fragrances. Ofc I love other fragrances but most are from these houses..
Always on the hunt for my Dream fragrances which I think I found but its impossible to get( Creed Aventus Batch 15x21)no one wants to let that go lol. Closest I have smelled to being perfect.

The first fragrance I ever owned was... Dissel Red

The first fragrance I bought with my own money was... Mr Burberry

My favorite fragrances is.... Creed Aventus/Cologne

Tell us a bit about where you live (you don't have to specify where it is if you don't want to) USA/Carribean

Tell us a bit about what you do for fun... Hike, Fragrances, Beach, Food.

Tell us a bit about what you do for work... Maintenance

🎵 Your favourite band / music / album.... Kpop , BTS,

📺 Your favourite TV Shows... OnePiece,Bleach, Hero Academia

🎬 Your favourite Movies.... Xmen

📚 Your favourite Books....

🕹️ Your favourite video games... League, Apex, Fifa,

😋 Your favourite food... Fruits

🐱 Do you have any pets? Dog/Cat/Ducks/Chickens.

🎉 What's your best party trick? No tricks just like to be me

😎 Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone famous? NO


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Oct 24, 2011

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