Hedione & Iso E super - do those mix well with a carrier oil based perfume?


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Jan 28, 2022
Hello to all (hobby) perfume makers :)

I'd like to experiment and create an oil based perfume (jojoba). I'd also like to add Hedione and Iso E super plus 2 or 3 essential oils, most likely without alcohol if that works out.

But my question is, do those even mix well if your perfume is purely based on a carrier oil to use it with a rollstick?
Or should a i add some alcohol in order to "blend" them well with the oil? If so with how much should i start ratio wise?

Oh and maybe another question, should I also use bee wax if I'm using oil instead of alcahol or can I skip this part?

Thanks in advance!


Basenotes Junkie
Apr 25, 2018
Fixed oil and alcohol don't mix, so you can't add alcohol if you're making an oil-based product.

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