Healingwood (IFF). What is it exactly? EDIT: It's natural patchoulol [please delete]


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Jan 7, 2022
So what I've read is it is supposed to be "(high purity) patchoulol".
At least according to a thread here on basenotes and TGSC which mentions SRS Aromatics as a supplier on the patchoulol page (here).

On the other hand, there's this TGSC page that says it's "terpeneless patchouli oil"...
So now I'm confused (unless patchoulol is simply patchouli oil minus the terpenes; then it would make sense).

Can someone here clarify this?

EDIT: I have my answer (it was a bit "hidden" on an IFF subdomain):


Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth.
While IFF-LMR Patchouli hearts bring cleanliness and depth to patchouli crude oil, IFF-LMR have gone one step further: using 100% physical techniques, IFF-LMR has isolated the natural patchoulol fraction contained in patchouli oil: Healingwood, a 100% natural patchoulol extract of patchouli oil.
Healingwood has the deep, woody aspect of patchouli, with a much more radiant and vibrant aspect. It’s particularly useful in modern chypre notes, as it imparts this bright aspect which cannot be found in patchouli crude oil. It’s also highly impactful and complex.
“Healingwood has a unique radiant avant-gardism. We love having access to the full patchouli gradient thanks to IFF-LMR patchouli hearts and Healingwood, the latter being the brightest, freshest of all our patchouli extracts.”

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