Guerlain Reformulations 2021-2022: Facts & Observations


Basenotes Junkie
Jun 30, 2017
Worn new Vol de Nuit EDT and compared with bee bottle version, and with my vintage parfum extrait. I've written about it on the scent of the day forum. Both Les Legendaires EDT (2022 bottle) and Bee Bottle (2018 bottle) have the same formula code - 07704, and honestly there is precious little difference betwen them, both present more violet/doughy notes, and less green, galbanum, narcissus than the old extrait, and both are lacking that richness in the base that is probably due to a mix of oakmoss and ambergris/castoreum, and Mysore sandalwood etc not being there, and synthetics being used.

On a separate note I also got a new Mitsouko EDT Formula Code 11251 - I need to do a test against the award-winning Wasser EDP version from a few years ago - intial thoughts though are that it feels a bit weak and stripped back. Perhaps the new EDP is better.

Next I need to try the Jicky and Chamade version.

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