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Jul 14, 2021

The first fragrance I ever owned,as a teenage boy,was...around 1965,my first cologne was English Leather(splash) with the big wooden knob cap. My best friend and I used to steal sprays of his Mom's perfumes;Ambush,in the pink, rubberized bottle was a fave. I didn't know what it was at the time but later found out a perfume that I loved to smell back then was Shalimar.
I wasn't too keen on men's fragrances,or fragrances in general, in the 60's and 70's;but,wish I had a bunch of them now!

The first fragrance I bought with my own money...if memory serves it was Borsalino. May have been Krizia Uomo or Van Cleef and Arpels edt. Remember buying girlfriends Giorgio,Poison,and Lou Lou(only one I picked out was Lou Lou,in the bottle with the pointed top).

My favorite fragrance....currently it is Sketch by Maison Violet. Really smitten with this one.
Guerlain Heritage/L'Instant,Rogue Derviche2,Tauer Au Coeur de Desert,and Creed Green Irish Tweed are also favorites.
Still learning what I like/don't like as I sample new ones.

I live in the Deep-Fried South sort of out in the boonies with a miniature
long-haired Dachshund I call Squirrel.

I work very hard at avoiding work.

My taste in music is fairly eclectic; singer-songwriter,classical,jazz,rock,blues,folk,Soul,R&B,Celtic.
Still learning to play guitar, mandolin,and ukulele.

My favorite book is David Copperfield. Still have to have a dictionary close at hand when reading it. Reread it a couple years ago. Currently reading Stephen Fry's "Mythos".

About 30 years ago somebody said I looked like Jackson Browne(no compliment to him).

My apologies for not introducing myself before I started posting. I just dove into reading about fragrances and
learning so much.

Many thanks to all the friendly, knowledgeable people here generously sharing their experiences with scents. Looking forward to learning much much more!


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Jul 20, 2015
That was a treat, Georgia Peach. Thanks for posting.


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Oct 24, 2011


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Jul 14, 2021
Nice. Are you a fan of vanilla scents? I find them quite comforting especially during the colder months.
Haven't tried many vanilla scents.

Do have a bottle of Sketch, Maison Violet that has some nice vanilla. Surely there is some vanilla in other scents I have.

Defenitely would like to sample more vanilla fragrances.

YES! I reckon I am a fan of vanilla. Just need to be exposed to more to decide what I like best. Learned about some new(to me)vanilla fragrances from the "Recommend me a sexy vanilla" thread.

What vanillas do you like,N.CAL? Something nice and comfy.

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