Greatest attars and Arabian perfume oils currently available?


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Dec 1, 2007
I am a fan of attars — I have bought samples of or tried some well known attars like tribute and homage from Amouage, their latest six attars, a couple from Ensar Oud, a couple from Sultan Pasha, one from Mellifluence and a sample from Russian Adam. I’ve also got a full bottle from ASAQ And some samples from Arabian Oud (al Oud al Arabi) and even tried Profumo Attar.
my question is that excluding privately blended attars that Middle Eastern royalty may use, what are the most luxurious, greatest attars and Arabian style oil based perfumes that one can actually buy if money isnt too much of a concern (not because I’m rich but because I’m open to paying high prices per ml for Beautiful Perfumes!)
For reference my personal favourites to date are Tribute by Amouage, Homage by Amouage and Ame Sombre. I also love Enear Oud’s Kashmir Musk No 2.
Which specific attars do Arabs in the rich gulf states use/recommend?

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