Givenchy Gentleman (New) - A Haiku For CuddleCat


In this thread, where new moderator CuddleCat was announced, as well as my own retirement from moderation, N. CAL gave me an excuse to abuse the haiku format in ONE MORE TIME - so heck - like I'm going to pass THAT one up! :wink:

Here you go! -Red


I am inspired by CuddleCat's avatar to continue the theme of the last one! :wink: :beer:

Before golden gates
Of the Kingdom of Fragrance
A tiny cat stood.

"What keeps us at bay?"
Our Aventians cried out,
Dreaming of plunder.

Yet having endured
Many lessons of the gods
I bade them beware.

Thus looking about
We found marked upon the walls
These words of warning:

"Take heed, all that lives
Even the Queen of Lions
Falls before kitten."

"By which paradox
All things are saved from themselves
More so by themselves."

I knew by these words
That the gods somehow watched us
Their judgment at hand.

A trick of the gods
Like so many I had seen
On distant journeys.

Thus I warned the men.
"What you do unto this cat
Is done unto you."

"Treat it with kindness
And you shall receive the same
In this strange kingdom."

Hoping for the same
The men lavished affection
Upon the kitten

And just as foretold
The fair maidens of the land
Showered them in praise.

Anointing them all
With the finest of perfumes
From most distant lands.

And letting us pass
As if we had been heroes
Sparing the kitten.

Thus we passed the test
And continued our journey
To fragrant treasures.

Leaving this lesson
As a parting gift to the
Fragrant traveler.

Go ye thus in peace
And trust that smallest kindness
Goes not unnoticed.



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