Giorgio for Men and Zino Davidoff low projection.

Oct 24, 2014
Hello all,
I recently bought Giorgio for Men and Zino Davidoff.

I love both scents. Very masculine, but I think they have zero projection.

I tried the fragrances on my skin 2 days ago before going to sleep. 2 sprays on each hand, and the next day they were there, but very subtle.

I am using Giorgio for Men [8 sprays] today .
2x wrists.
2x forearms.
2x shirt wrists.
2x shirt neck.

I can barely smell at 10cm of my skin / clothes after 3 hours.

I don't have any kind of anosmia since I can perfectly detect Paco Rabanne XS, VCA pour Homme, Polo Ralph Lauren and Quorum with less sprays without a problem for many hours.

Do you think these scents have been changed? I got both 1 week ago through Allbeauty [excellent service by the way].



Basenotes Dependent
Jul 17, 2011
Yes both have been reformulated (Giorgio even multiple times for sure) and are way weaker than its original vintage releases but both are still not weak in their current formulations (especially not Giorgio). No clue why both perform so bad on you.
Oct 24, 2014
Ok thanks
I will test them again with a warmer weather.

Maybe was a coincidence of several colder days around here.

Jul 17, 2011
Hi Mana. I can tell you that what you said, happens to me frequently with new acquisitions. I suppose that our sense of smell generates some kind of anosmia to the new smell. Later, they develop as they really are. It's my experience, and happened many times. Maybe this can help you. By the way, Giorgio is notably weaker than it was originally.


Basenotes Junkie
Dec 31, 2011
They are reformulated for sure, but they are not that weak. As well, neither is a hot weather frag.
Dec 21, 2015
Giorgio still has massive sillage and projection on me, even the reformulated EA versions.
I am talking 12-15+ hours of longevity, several days and weeks on clothes and jackets....

Never tried Zino Davidoff...
however if at all like the new reformulated Cool Water, it may have gone a bit downhill.
New Cool Water smells a bit synthetic, and lasts about 6-8 hours on me, when before it
was easily a 12 hour affair and projected across the room with superb sillage..

I use about a dozen sprays to neck, shoulders, chest, wrists, and pulse points etc...
always immediately after a fresh shower and lotioning up and what not.
Oct 24, 2014
Hello all,
again tried several times Zino Davidoff.

Maybe is my flask.
I can't smell anything when I put it on my skin and clothes.
I need to be literally touching my skin to be able to smell it.

I sprayed in a paper as well and all the scent was gone in 10 minutes. Nothing.

I have asked some office mates if they notice anything. 'No' was the common answer.

Last day I was wearing [2 sprays on wrists + 2 on shirt]:
Versace L'homme -> compliments. 'Sweet'
VCA pour homme -> noticeable by a colleague. 'Smells clean'
Azzaro Visit -> compliments.

So all points to a bad flask. It's sad since I like the perfume.


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