Generic women's "clean" note

Aug 29, 2020
I've noticed that many women's shampoos and hygiene products have this generic clean floral citrus top note. I would like to recreate something similar to this and learn more from it, but a lot of sample formulas do not have scent descriptions so it's hard to know which one to make. Has anyone made a demo formula that has this type of scent?

Kacper Kafel

Super Member
Feb 12, 2015
This cosmetics smell mostly cassis base 345b from firmenich, often mixed with plummy/peachy lactonic note type gamma decalactone etc. This combination is often name is ,,mango accord" and is very popular woman ( not only!) hair product like gels, conditioners, shampoo and hairsprays.

Quay Limey

Super Member
Nov 1, 2020
I think something that would be really useful when folk pose these types of questions is to list a few products that have the aroma they’re seeking to recreate.

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