Galbanum BitterFir Formula


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Oct 26, 2021
I want to share this other, that for some reasons, also with a big "Bigarade Galbanum" strong smell (that usually I don't like) this time I like the sensation in my skin, maybe thanks to Marmaladish Fir Balsam and Lyral that reach to softer a little. For the pleasure and the fun:

Cetalox 120
Ambrinol 95 20
Ethylene Brassylate 40
Virginia Cedarwood eo 60
Patchouli Heart Co2 40
Patchouli Indonesia eo 10
Oakmoss Abs 20
Fir Balsam abs 110
Galbanum eo 40
Petitgrain Bigarade eo 30
Coriander seed eo 40
Lyral 80
Bergamot Givco 100
Carteeri eo 30
Elemi eo 12
Dihydromyrcenol 20
Citronellol 50

Always totally open to every suggestions and every words 😉
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Oct 26, 2021
Is 3% oakmoss safe? Cos I wanna...
Im liking this pleasable bitter scent, thanks to high dose of Fir Balsam, that make that bitter, a creamier green bitter.
Anyway unluckyness I used a bad oakmoss abs (waiting new), that is also lighter, so maybe with normal oakmoss quality, it's better to use a less amount in formula.


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Feb 20, 2021
3% oakmoss so few…
What did you want create with citronellal? -( i didnt understand idea of this)

Maybe try coumarin or tonka, maybe A little bit birch tar, clary sage, sagebrush, a little bit rosmarine , animalic musk, cedar virgine eo or cedramber.
C-8 it can help create atmosphere of wet forest, agrumen aldehyde select citrus.
Difficult to advice , cos dont understand enough what you want create ))
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