Frederic Malle Discussion Thread


Basenotes Junkie
Nov 16, 2008
Dan's tes bras after Diptyque l'ombre Dan's l'eau shower oil - nice combination, makes it smell more like smoke incense and fir I think. (I only really use niche shower products due to work restrictions.) Either way haven't worn dtb in a long time, today 3 hrs in it's extremely funky-musky.

mr. reasonable

Basenotes Dependent
Jan 1, 2009
Thanks for posting this video - really enjoyable. I bought most of my FM's around 12 years ago when the first dozen or so were only available in the Dries van Noten boutique, so I still have all the the 'matte' top versions. I have picked up a few bottles of L'Eau d'Hiver since, still nice but I prefer my older version. Une Fleur de Cassie is still a personal favourite - takes me to a salon in Paris somewhere around the 1930's in my imagination.

I met FM a couple of times when he was here in HK awhile back to launch his range and the 'telephone box scent chamber' in Joyce (upmarket boutique) and also his candle line a few years later. Amusing, intelligent guy - very generous with his time. I think he stands up there with Serge Lutens and Chris Chong (a personal friend) as a 'Master Creative Director' in the perfume world . . . definitely a class act Publisher with an amazing bunch of friends Authoring the perfumes :)

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