Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

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May 25, 2011
What are some of the fragrances that you've recently purchased or sampled that give you the "WOW" effect?


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Jan 15, 2013
Invasion Barbare by MDCI, where was I from the time this b'ful frag born? I have been so irresponsible, so please forgive me for buying u so late :)

Another - Clive Christian C - a huge WOW - I didn't read Tom Ford Tuscan Leather on the sample vial - this frag is more than a 90% clone of Tuscan Leather, so I am happy to have bought TL first...

Lastly - Versace Eros - WOW wonderful bottle with crap juice inside...STAY AWAY from this


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Jan 16, 2013
The last two that I thought 'wow' were Montale's Mukhallat and Keiko Mecheri's Mulholland which was more of a 'wow' in terms of how versatile I thought it was. I'm usually not a huge fan of citrus but Mulholland seems just so well done and rounded.

Profumo Saggio

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Sep 30, 2011
Unfortunately I haven't gotten that feeling from anything in a while. Spicebomb was good enough to warrant purchasing the gift set, but didn't knock my socks off. Other than that, I haven't really found anything worth buying for quite a while.


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Feb 4, 2013
Forgot to mention Heeley Sel Marin that I'm now addicted to, and this from an aquatic hater...


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Dec 27, 2010
Still really enjoying the massively underrated Kokorico

Piment Brulant amazes me every time I put it on.

There's this scent called 'Aventus' made by a bunch of weird, quasi- monarchists cultists called Creed. They charge a fortune for it.


Mar 2, 2013
I just explored the relatively new Ramon Monegal line...Have tried them all, Dry Wood and Agar Musk were both "wow" scents.


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Jun 1, 2003
Me too that I had to get in on a 50ml split of this wonderful juice. Have been saving it for the Spring.

Another +1 on Jardin d'Amalfi. I usually dislike Creed releases and expected to be let down yet again, but I really was quite pleasantly surprised.

As to my own... The two releases from the small limited distribution designer house Anat Fritz, Anat Fritz (original) and Tzora are both absolutely amazing smelling and wowed me for almost polar opposite reasons.

Honorable mention to Supercilium by O'driu which is an extremely innovative take on vetiver.


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Sep 20, 2011
Still really enjoying the massively underrated Kokorico

Piment Brulant amazes me every time I put it on.

There's this scent called 'Aventus' made by a bunch of weird, quasi- monarchists cultists called Creed. They charge a fortune for it.

Yes I've heard of that. It's the only fragrance on the planet known to contain royal pineapple.
Some say Olivier Creed's descendants came to earth many centuries ago with the occult knowledge of perfumery. Since then it has been passed on only through their bloodline on the male side.
You may need to find a grey market source though, as I believe only those with the correct genetic characteristics are permitted to enter their boutiques.

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Jan 1, 2009
Define 'recent' :)

Nothing much, TBH.

Seville l'Aube was a pleasant surprise wow considering it's another Duchaufor.
Les Deserts Trio, of course - esp. Encens Mythique & Songe d'un Bois d'Ete.
Myrrh et Delires (that was a year ago).
Opus VI was a wow.

Beloved Man is cool but intentionally not a 'wow' piece, and the new Forever Now Gucci Villoresi did is well worth trying but also a more understood piece of work.

L'Heure de Nuit is okay . . . La Petite Robe Noire Extrait is pretty good, worth owning if you're a Guerlainista.

Waiting to see if the new Dries van Noten par Frederic Malle wows me.

Aaaaah - Mito - that was 'wow' - gotta try the Extrait now.

Having said all that I'm not exactly chasing down the new releases these days :)
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Feb 20, 2012
Hermes Vetiver Tonka Very nice take on vetiver, considering a full bottle purchase
Frederic Malle En Passant Such a photorealistic lilac, one of the most beautiful florals I've smelled recently. Interesting composition with the bread lingering in the background.

The Different Company Limon de Cordoza
Great citrus, a clean modern edc. The lemon rivals Eau d'Hadrien.


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Feb 9, 2012
I wasn't necessarily wowed by it but Rive Gauche Pour Homme really is a great fragrance. Initially it smells like a shaving cream but it dries down to so much more. Really happy with this purchase.


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Jul 2, 2008
Amouage Interlude

I was really smitten and surprised with Fat Electician as well.


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Mar 3, 2012
Nothing really very recently, but these WOWed me not too long ago:

Heeley Sel Marin
Creed Jardin d'Amalfi
Creed Royal Scottish Lavender
Brueckner Aoud 1
Chanel Eau de Cologne


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Aug 8, 2011
Straight to Heaven = Straight to the top 10! INSTANTLY


Its also very similar to Spice and Wood

By Kilian - Straight to Heaven

Martinican rum absolute, Dried fruits accord
Javanese Nutmeg oil, Hedione, Cedarwood, Indonesian Patchouli oil
Ambergris, vanilla absolute, White Musk

Creed - Spice and Wood

Bergamot, Lemons, Italian Apples
Angelic root, Cloves, Desert peppers, Patchouli, White birch
Egyptian Iris, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Musk

more similarities:

Hedione : Iris - for the floral note
Nutmeg : Angelica + Clove - for the spice notes


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Jan 15, 2011
Stopped by Gueralin boutique in Paris yesterday, my wife doused me in Habit rouge extrait (probably sprayed $10 of it on me)... now THAT was a wow!
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