Fragrances people in your area wear a lot


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Mar 17, 2011
Well I have to say that England / the UK is not very well known for its well-scented people.

But I have to say in recent times I have smelt one person on the bus wearing Egoiste (original), a chav in my office wearing Eternity (and too much of it), plus a handful of people that are blatantly wearing Aventus. Yes, really!

But by far, the most frequently 'detected' scent (for use of a better term or phrase!) is Sauvage. It has been a hit in the UK and people do tend to buy it or so it seems.


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Dec 25, 2014
I very rarely come across men wearing cologne (other than my brother; for women, it happens more often, but I cannot figure out the fragrance's name). If I did however, I was getting:

Terre d'Hermes (once)
Platinum Egoiste (once and applied too liberally)
Fierce (once)
Sauvage (once)
AHS (maybe twice)
DHS (once)
DH (once)
1 million (several times)
AdG (maybe once)
Boss Bottled (several times)


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Dec 23, 2010
Smell quite regularly, probably thanks to their volume, Black Orchid and Mugler (style) fumes.

Smelled Aramis and Mitsouko on persons of advanced age.

Le Male, once you get to Kent on a weekend. Cool Water on tourists and/or people residing in an open prison. Patchouli on women. Men standardly wear heavy doses of...forgot what it's called now, a somewhat obnoxious woody scent which seems to feature in every other perfume, unless they all are wearing the same one.

Oh, and fruity florals that leave a scent trail the size of an avalanche, of course.
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Jan 17, 2006
There's one guy that wears Chrome regularly. Otherwise in an office of hundreds, its extremely rare that I smell anything. Around the year 2000 I remember a regular wearer of D&G pour homme.
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Aug 16, 2006
Either Grey Flannel or Le Male (most probably the latter )
ADG and IM ( lots of calone but really nice trail in muggy, warm weather)
Bleu de Chanel
Terre de Hermes


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Feb 29, 2016
Bleu de Chanel, Chrome, Invictus, Eros, One Million, Cool Water - all the commercial fragrances heavily pushed by the associates at department stores. Every time I go shopping, they want me to smell Invictus, One Million, or Chrome. I know what they all smell like and am not interested.


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Oct 29, 2012
I'd probably rather have that, than the toxic clouds of PR Evil Million that continuously permeate the air in Denmark.

Yup, that sounds like Japan :p I miss Japan A LOT, but those sweltering days where I had to take an overfilled train full of sweaty salarymen... Those I only miss a little.

I once smelled Terre d'Hermes on someone on the train. I wanted to high five him. If I do smell a perfume it's most commonly some calone bomb that I can't identify (so probably not L'Eau d'Issey or AdG).


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Jun 19, 2004
As I work in a discount store for one of my jobs, I can smell my customers quite well. It seems like many of the male customers wear either Chrome, 1 Million, Acqua di Gio (and similar aquatics), Spicebomb, or Invictus. One of my male coworkers wears Hanae Mori HM EdP, while the other wears trusty ol' Cool Water.

My other job is at a small ad agency - one where the owner is an absolute fragrance fan (he's even gifted me a few bottles). Right now, he's on a kick for anything with oud in it - to the point where he actually bought some oud oil and had a friend of his make a custom oud scent. He also likes a lot of Jo Malone scents, Costume National Scent Intense, and Spicebomb Fresh. He does not like scents with heavy usage of ISO E Super - he said that it makes fragrances too strong for him.


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Oct 1, 2014
Im surprised i smelled someone wearing A*men. Ive bumped into a few people wearing le male or possibly cuba gold since it seemed kinda weak. I have smelled bdc once or twice, I thought it would be more popular.

I dont go out clubbing much but most guys still pretty much wear generic aquatic/musky fragrances. Seems like guys prefer masculine scents vs loud sweet ones for nights out here


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Apr 7, 2015
I rarely encounter much of anything, and nothing on a regular basis. Occasionally some indistinguishable citrus scent. I have heard folks both in NY and DC say they encounter TdH regularly enough to notice.


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Jul 5, 2008
In the Philippines the holy trinity of Fresh still rules : Cool Water, Acqua di Gio and Hugo Hugo Boss. Or iterations of these. Our hot and humid climate + culture (people here are not fans of heavy handed fragrances) do not bode well with frags like Lutens. For ladies Incanto and its flankers or Lanvin Arpege but the majority stick with Victoria's Secret or Bath & Body Works sprays


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Nov 2, 2011
It's a tie between Acrid Syrup for Men and Had a Dump pour Homme.


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Sep 10, 2004
I work in Central London and fragrance that I keep smelling most on others is Terre'De Hermes, it seems to be a popular scent London. Follow by Le Male and another scent I do not know of but is very ambery and reminds of 24 Gold minus the oud.


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Nov 21, 2013
Eros is everywhere it's annoying, or maybe it's axe dark temptation...

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Oct 1, 2014
Today i surprisingly smelled someone wearing ysl la nuit and also someone wearing le male. A week ago I was surprised to smell someone wearing terre d hermes. Am I the only one who can't tell the difference between the normal version and the eau tres fraiche unless i smell them side by side


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Aug 20, 2014
Armani Code, Chanel Blue de Chanel, Hermes Terre d'Hermes, Polo Blue, Joop, Eau Sauvage Dior, Fahrenheit Dior


in the past: Acqua di Giò and Chanel Allure


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Jun 1, 2015
Our local supermarket did quite an innovation as the owner suddenly stocked up a large Malizia display :)
Now it's a small town with about 20 000 citizens and a nice wetshaver-community and we did quite some talking about the Malizia Vetiver, which is superb and costs next to nothing. There were about 25 bottles of Malizia vetiver - now it's sold out ... a good sign ... so there`s hope :)


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Aug 21, 2001
Lately? Nothing that really stands out. I have not been able to id anything in particular, and most men wear nothing. Sad, really. The CVS clerk had a Stetson like scent on that smelled a lot more mature than he should be wearing on Friday evening.
Jan 19, 2015
I work in Central London and fragrance that I keep smelling most on others is Terre'De Hermes, it seems to be a popular scent London. Follow by Le Male and another scent I do not know of but is very ambery and reminds of 24 Gold minus the oud.

I experience the same. On the morning Tube or train the most common I find is TdH, and also a fair bit of Bleu de Chanel. There's also a new one I've smelt around which I think might be Dior Sauvage. And sometimes Boss Bottled.

The other week I was walking up Charing Cross Road and I smelt an Acqua Di Gio trail, but considering how popular it is claimed to be on here, I don't smell AdG that often (although I wear it and its flankers fairly regularly), I think it may be more dominant in the USA.

In meetings with older businessmen in suits I do smell Green Irish Tweed quite often.

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Aventus is becoming very played out now, there once was a time when you smelled it nowhere whereas the other day I inhaled it in an exceedingly ghetto ass McDonalds in an even more ghetto ass area and surprisingly it was the real thing and not a clone.

I would have asked which batch it was but, you know, polite company and all..


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May 15, 2015
The only perfumes I've really smelled lately are Santal 33 (still!) and Baccarat Rouge or its derivatives. I'm not sure if it's because everyone is wearing them or these just have crazy sillage and an unmistakable smell.

I remember maybe 10 years ago smelling a lot more CDG on arty ppl around the city haha, dressed in layers of drapey black clothing smelling like Avignon. Miss those day!


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Mar 8, 2017
Ariana Grande Cloud on almost all the women I come across that are wearing perfume. No complaints though as it’s the most alluring attention grabbing fragrance and smells nice. Men mostly have on sweet stuff nothing masculine much ha depressing actually but to each their own.

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