Fragrance DIY collaborative Excel sheet?


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Apr 9, 2018

I saw the post about the Perfume Creation software (that unfortunately doesn't work) - and I realised maybe my excel sheet could help others.
To make my life as a newbie perfumer a little bit more easy - I made an excel sheet to use for when I'm creating.

Fragrance creation.jpg

So I was thinking - maybe this could end up to be something like a collaborative project for the DIY forum? Anyone have some input on this thought? I was thinking anyone can comment/suggest changes, and perhaps a few members could be given access to edit (to act as "moderators"?). Please let me know if its a horrible idea.


The worksheet is structured in such a way that there are separate sheets for:
1) Perfume creation by weight
1) Perfume creation by formula
2) My Inventory
3) Ingredients
4) Suppliers
5) Manufacturers

My idea is that the list of basic ingredients, suppliers and manufacturers could be a collaboration - So people could suggest changes, and these updates could then be copied by others to their private copies. The parts you would then alter privately is the inventory sheet (where you can add the ingredients you own), and any perfume creations (just duplicate the "pr weight" or "pr formula" sheet for each perfume.

How to use:
1) Make a private copy of the worksheet

2) Update/Change the "My Inventory" list to reflect your private list of ingredients. If there are missing ingredients - Add them to the "Ingredients" sheet (and please also update the online collaborative worksheet I've shared).

3) Duplicate the "by weight" or "by formula" sheet and start creating. Select an ingredient from the dropdown list - type in the % dilution - and type in the amount of grams or formula (depending on which sheet you chose).


Potential future functionality:
1) If we add odor impact for all ingredients - we may be able to add graphs to show a "scent profile" type of chart? Or even a massive olfactory impact chart of all ingredients? So far I've based the "odor impact" by comparing to Linalool and setting Linalool as a baseline of "100" (I think I got this idea from Perfumersworld or something similar). If there are better systems to use - please advise :)

2) If we add specific gravity for ingredients - we could get a more accurate weight overview?

3) Perhaps the dilution % and dilutant could be included in the ingredient dropdown (to allow for other dilutants than just ethanol)

4) Add functionality to calculate IFRA percentages

Other suggestions?


The worksheet is here: Spreadsheet

PS: I don't take any responsibility for broken formulas or errors. If you find any - please comment the


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Jun 5, 2011
Nice one and nice suggestions about impact & vapour pressure of the materials :)
It could very well be the start of a nice overview of materials.
Thank you for your kind efforts.


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Apr 9, 2018
Hi Jsparla!

Thanks - Yes, I hope it will benefit everyone :) The information already added to the sheet was found online by me, so it also needs to be verified and improved along the way.

Regarding Impact / Vapour pressure: Is this the "official" terms for "odor strength" and "odor impact"? - Should I change the columns to reflect this?

PS: To anyone requesting edit access to the excel sheet - please send me a private message here on basenotes, so I can just have a quick chat with you and verify your intent before I grant access. Thanks!


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Apr 9, 2018
@Faceless void: Paper worked for perfumers for many hundreds of years, so I think you're not making any mistakes by using paper. I'm just personally more comfortable with using a pc for storing formulas :)

Tim Tyson

Aug 1, 2018
I've just come across this JHL - what a magnificent gift to the community - well done. Did you get many folks pick up on it and contribute ?
I'm going to have a good look at it now
Thank you


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Basenotes Plus
Jan 2, 2019
I also posted my sheet here and spoke to RSG, i truly think it is a great idea.
If you are sti up i can join in as moderator and donate my share

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Apr 9, 2018
Thank you for the nice comments guys!
Since I see this sheet has gotten some attention, I took the time today to add a "beta" of an IFRA warning inside the sheet.

First you select the IFRA category for what you are making
Then - If you added CAS# to your ingredients list - It will look for the CAS# in the IFRA standards
It will check the amount you've used vs the standard - and give a red indication on the cell if you are above the standard.

This is very untested, and might not work properly .... But I hope you guys may be able to give some feedback, and we can make something that works for the community.

The sheet:


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