Fine luxury fragrances vs cheap ones


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Apr 4, 2021
Today I read in the news, global market leader Givaudan increased its sales as the Fine Fragrances segment grew by 28.6 percent. And I was asking myself, what are the main difference between a fine/luxury fragrance and a cheap one from the supermarket? Is it only the kind of ingredients, essential oils vs pure aroma chemicals? Is it the quality of the materials? Or is it because of a renowned perfumer?


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Mar 4, 2021
I may be totally wrong and misunderstand your question, but I'm not sure if the term fine fragrances as used in the article in fact means only fine (= luxury) fragrances/perfumes. As far as I know, this term refers to all kind of fragrances/perfumes - regardless its pricerange, especially if it's used in economic context. In contrast to fine fragrances is functional fragrance/perfumery: this includes all kinds of perfumed cosmetic products, cleaners, detergents, air-freshener etc.

I don't think that Givaudan (or other producers) greatly differentiate between cheap and expensive (luxury/niche) perfumes. Simply because their products are used across the board. And it's hard to believe that Givaudan would invent (and invest in) a new molecule solely for a small-scale niche brand. It's more likely that they keep it exclusive ('captive'), but even captives may be easily/often used in cheap perfumes.

Saying this, I don't really think that expensive/luxury/niche perfumes per se contain more refined/expensive/'captive' materials. That may be true to some degree for (all-natural) ultra-niche brands (or should I say 'one-man-business'?), but probably not if it comes to Givaudan's products. (The people at Givaudan may chuckle about all this luxury/niche-talk!)
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Nov 23, 2019
Fine Fragrance is a general term used in the industry to indicate this kind of thing most laymen will generally call perfume. The stuff you would see in weird bottles of all sorts, at the perfume section of a department store. It makes no distinction between very cheap, super expensive, every day, and luxury. Fragrances that you will find in other segments of Givaudan are the ones used in soaps, functional products, toothpastes, laundry powders, shampoos, dishwashing liquids, and everywhere else basically.

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