Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561 - Patchouly Indonesiano


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Feb 13, 2008
Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561 - Patchouly Indonesiano

Top Notes: Indonesian Patchouli.
Middle Notes: Indonesian Patchouli.
Base Notes: Indonesian Patchouli.



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Aug 17, 2011
This is my desert-island patchouly. The opening is really harsh, very camphorous. But then...after about half an hour I get the most beautiful patchouly I have ever smelled. Besides patchouly I can smell a very gentle hint of carnation. Maybe it's my skin chemistry. When my husband wears it, it stays much longer camphorous and nearly no carnations at all. Patchouly Indonesiano of Farmacia is my heaven. Sometimes I spritz a little Ambre 114, or Ambre Extreme on it and it works. Longevity is very good too.


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Basenotes Plus
Nov 5, 2010
Got this last week at the store in Florence. As said above, big, strong, in-your face patchouli, highlighting the camphorous and woody aspect, and with no smoothing oriental note of its own. Expensive though (eur 110 for 100ml). I also got the shower gel; it doesn't foam as much as expected, but it smells good. I didn't own any straight patch yet (de Nicolai Patch homme is not a straightforward one), was thinking about Patchouli patch or patchouli leaves; they both highlight different aspects. This is probably the strongest and harshest.



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Feb 25, 2009
This needs to be put in the BN database. I got a bottle of this, and it's tied with Santa Maria Novella's Patchouli as my favorite patchouli fragrance. This is balls-out, take no prisoners patchouli, for patchouli lovers only. Awesome stuff.


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Basenotes Plus
Feb 8, 2010
Did it get added?

Sorry, just noticed it;s there now.
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