fake or real i need help


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Aug 21, 2021
hello everyone i recently bought a bottle of dolce and gabbana pour homme from amazon. i am new to fragrances and have suspected a fake. can someone please help me ?

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595B9971-E162-4701-9892-EFDEC7920138.jpg 595B9971-E162-4701-9892-EFDEC7920138.jpg

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42882A4C-26CB-4E76-8B52-F41B892F5819.jpg 054184C3-30A4-44A1-B552-EC39B0528922.jpg 1BABDC9A-61F6-4DC5-8630-03DDE3F065F5.jpg 2E485FF0-61EF-4679-A6FE-09313514CA95.jpg

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can anyone help ?


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Aug 9, 2005
I think you'd get more attention making this post in the men's fragrance section instead of in social groups.
I don't know this fragrance, but there's nothing about the packaging or bottle that look suspect to me.

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