Fake Allure Homme Sport, pre-reformulation, or just old and spoiled?


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Sep 17, 2021
Hi all,

(pictures included)

I recently bought a half-full bottle of Allure Homme Sport from an online group. The bottle looks pretty good to me, even next to a bottle of AHSEE I have, but the smell got me wondering, and there are a few visual anomalies. It does not smell like a recent sample I got from Macys (which smells very similar to Versace Signature). It sort of smells like a sour tonka right off the top. As it dries down, it gets closer to the sample I have, but still smells a bit messy. In my experience, fakes seem to do the opposite; they smell closer in the top, but disappear in no time.

There were 3 main things I noticed visually. First, the atomizer sprayer nozzle is black, not white. In the 2 highest viewed fake youtube videos, both fakes have black sprayer nozzles, while the real ones are white. Everything else about the atomizer looks good to me. Size is the same as my CAHSEE, and it has the same construction underneath, even with the notch they take out of the plastic.

Second was the batch code. It is at the top, and seems to be laser etched, not engraved. Looking it up tells me that it is a 2018 batch, but I'm not sure if they reuse their codes.

Third was the info on the bottom, specifically that it says "Made in USA". I have found threads saying that Chanels can be made in the USA, but I have not been able to find a single picture/reference to an Allure Homme Sport like this, or with the black sprayer or batch code like I mentioned above.

Other than those potential issues, the font looks good, sizing looks good, and bottle finish looks good to me.

I'm leaning towards thinking it is real, and it is either an old formulation, or the smell has gone off. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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