Fahrenheit Friday


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jul 12, 2016

I'm making up for missed Friday's. My wardrobe is really tough to spread around but have to make room for Fahrenheit sometimes.


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Dec 17, 2007
Can I join wearing Olympios by Missoni?
Many similarities but they do differ. I find the Missoni to be a creamier mix of Fahrenheit and Violet by Boclet. Really good.

Danny Mitchell

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Mar 21, 2019
Gotta say, I'm impressed with the nasal fortitude (and chutzpah) of anyone who sprays this heavily. Three today and I feel almost radioactive. Not a bad way to spend a Friday, but I'm glad I'm working from home!
I hear ya....I used to go 5 or 6 sprays but started to think it was too much. I go four now and that is plenty!

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