Experimenting the "right" way?

Nov 25, 2020
Bonjour everyone,

I've finally diluted all of my materials and have started to experiment. Right now, I'm experimenting in tiny 2ml glass containers. The other day I put them in the dishwasher and my dishes now smell like jasmine/coffee co2/cardamom, etc. Should have foreseen that... What do you currently use when mixing things? Most nights, I'll experiment and see how different materials blend with each other, but I end up with 50 tiny 2ml bottles and they are hard to clean. I've read that many people use beakers, but what about when you want to see how the interactions smell the next day? Do you leave the beakers open overnight? Or, do you experiment, take notes, and then at the end of your 'session' wash everything and put away?

Thank you!


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Nov 14, 2019
I use beakers and an Erlenmeyer flask that I buy on Amazon. After mixing, I dip the blotter in to smell it, then put this blotter aside so I can smell the mix for a few more days. Then I pour the mixture into an amber bottle, close it tightly and put it in a dark and cool place. After a while, I smell again what I made to have a comparison and a fresh perspective. Dirty beakers, if there is a few, I wash in the sink. If there is a lot of, then I use an ultrasonic cleaner. I use glasses with a minimum capacity of 10ml to make them easier to clean. I clean them with sponge and a bottle cleaner.


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Apr 4, 2021
I use 2ml eppendorf tubes for test mixing. And just throw them away if not needed anymore. So, no washing up needed for me. I keep a lot of them in a box in a dark and cool place for some time, to see how it develops over time.

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